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Travel Safe: A Guide To Packing Your Precious Jewellery

Last updated on July 19, 2024

Whether you’re jetting off to sunny Bali or exploring the culture and heritage of Europe, every trip can be elevated by wearing your jewellery.

It’s the perfect way to complete your holiday attire and make lasting memories you’ll treasure forever. 

But bringing previous items on your adventures does pose risks, and a question we often hear is “How do I pack my jewellery”? 

In this article, we provide all the jewellery packing tips you need, from the best jewellery cases to essential planning strategies and the right insurance to cover your precious collection.

Start By Assessing Your Jewellery Collection

A woman assessing her jewellery collection before travelling.Before embarking on your travels, it's crucial to assess your jewellery collection with careful consideration. 

Evaluate each piece based on its value, sentimental significance, and practicality for the trip ahead. 

Opt for versatile items that complement your travel wardrobe and hold sentimental value, while leaving behind pieces that may attract unnecessary attention or are not suitable for the journey. 

Prioritise items that can be easily replaced or insured, ensuring peace of mind while travelling with your cherished jewellery collection.

Next, Choose the Right Jewellery Case

Prior to jewellery packing and travelling, investing in quality travel cases is essential for protecting your precious pieces during transit. 

Opt for cases with padded compartments to prevent scratches and damage. Choose sturdy materials and secure closures to ensure your jewellery stays safe and organised throughout your journey.

Utilise individual pouches or cloth bags to store each piece of jewellery separately during travel. This prevents tangling and scratching, preserving the quality of your items. 

Choose soft, non-abrasive materials to safeguard delicate surfaces and gemstones. Label each pouch for easy identification and organisation while on the go.

Organise smaller jewellery items such as earrings, rings, and brooches using a pillbox or small compartmentalised container. 

This ensures easy access and prevents items from getting lost or misplaced. Label each compartment to keep track of your jewellery packing and maintain organisation throughout your travels.

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Here’s How To Pack Your Jewellery

Preparing to packing jewellery before a holiday. When jewellery packing for travel, here are the specific techniques to use for different types of pieces to prevent damage: 

  • Necklaces: To prevent tangling, thread each necklace through a drinking straw or use separate jewellery pouches for each piece.
  • Bracelets: Stack bracelets together or wrap them individually in a soft cloth to prevent scratching and tangling during travel.
  • Earrings: Keep earrings organised by storing them in pairs within padded compartments to avoid damage and ensure they remain together.
  • Rings: Safely store rings in a pillbox or individual pouches to prevent them from getting lost or damaged while travelling.

These Essential Travel Tips Can Keep Your Jewellery Safe

A woman in holiday wearing luxury earrings. Ensure the security of your valuables while travelling by utilising various methods. 

Store jewellery in hotel safes when not in use, or wear discreet pouches under clothing for added security. 

Consider investing in wearable storage options, such as hidden pockets or pouches, to keep your valuables close and secure while exploring new destinations.

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Check-In or Carry-On: Which is Best For Your Jewellery? 

When jewellery packing, decide whether to carry jewellery in your check-in luggage or as carry-on based on its value and importance. 

For high-value or sentimental pieces, opt for carry-on to keep them close and secure. Check-in luggage may be suitable for less valuable items, but always ensure they're securely packed to prevent damage or loss.

Navigating Airport Security With Ease

A woman checking her luxury watch before a flight. When travelling from Australia, familiarise yourself with airport security regulations in your destination country regarding jewellery. 

Pack your jewellery in easily accessible pouches or cases for security screening, and be prepared to remove them if required. 

Avoid wearing excessive jewellery to simplify the screening process. Keep important documents like insurance information handy in case of any inquiries.

Check Your Suitcase Locks For Safe Travel

Ensuring that suitcases can be locked is essential for travel security. 

Options include built-in locks and combination locks. Before departure, check that the locks are functioning properly and secure all compartments. 

Additionally, use strategies such as keeping valuable items in carry-on luggage, using tamper-evident luggage seals, and avoiding sharing lock combinations. 

These jewellery packing measures help deter theft and provide peace of mind while travelling.

Remember, Take These Precautions During Travel

When travelling, be mindful of your surroundings and avoid wearing flashy or conspicuous jewellery in unfamiliar or high-risk areas to reduce the risk of theft or unwanted attention. 

Consider opting for more subtle pieces or leaving valuable jewellery in a secure location while exploring. Additionally, stay vigilant and aware of your belongings at all times to prevent loss or theft.

Choosing Between Travel Insurance & Jewellery Insurance

A woman wearing jewellery on the beach. When it comes to protecting your jewellery while travelling, choosing between travel insurance and specialised jewellery insurance can be crucial. 

While travel insurance covers general needs like medical emergencies and lost luggage, it may fall short in adequately safeguarding your valuable pieces. 

Specialised jewellery insurance, like JewelCover, offers worldwide coverage for loss, theft, and damage, with an agreed value payout and the option to return to your original jeweller for repairs or replacements. 

Before deciding, consider policy limitations, compare coverage options, and ensure you understand the claims process for comprehensive protection.

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JewelCover: Your Trusted Jewellery Insurance for Travel

Ensure peace of mind on your journeys with JewelCover jewellery insurance

With options for travellers, JewelCover offers insurance for your valuable pieces, allowing you to explore the world worry-free. 

Here are some features tailored to travellers:

  • Loss, Theft, and Damage Coverage: Rest assured knowing that JewelCover provides coverage for loss, theft, and accidental damage to your jewellery while you travel.
  • Worldwide Coverage: Enjoy protection for your jewellery wherever your travels take you.
  • Agreed Value: Agree on an insured value, ensuring fair compensation in the event of loss, theft, or damage.
  • Return to Original Jeweller: Have the option to return to your original jeweller for repairs or replacements, maintaining the quality and integrity of your pieces.

Find out more in our blog, Wanderlust With the Ultimate Companion - Worldwide Jewellery Insurance.

Travel & Jewellery FAQs

What is the best way to pack necklaces to prevent tangling?

To prevent necklaces from tangling, thread each necklace through a drinking straw or use separate jewellery pouches for each piece. This keeps them organised and untangled during travel.

How can I keep my rings safe while travelling?

Store rings in a pillbox or individual pouches to prevent them from getting lost or damaged. These small compartments help keep your rings secure and easily accessible during your trip.

Should I carry my jewellery in my carry-on or check-in luggage?

For high-value or sentimental pieces, always opt for carrying them in your carry-on luggage. This keeps your jewellery close and secure, reducing the risk of loss or damage in transit.

Cover Your Precious Jewellery - Get a Free Quote Online Now

Start packing for the perfect vacation with these essential jewellery packing tips. 

From wrapping bracelets to keeping earrings in padded compartments, and placing rings in designated pillboxes, you’re now all set for the trip of a lifetime. 

And when it comes to insurance, add JewelCover and our specialised jewellery insurance to your to-do list, including cover against loss, theft, and damage across countries. 

Get your free jewellery insurance quote online now. 

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