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Top 10 Products for Travelling with Jewellery

Last updated on October 06, 2022

Travelling is an amazing opportunity to see more of the world, gain new experiences and escape from your everyday life. 

But that doesn’t mean travelling can’t be stressful at times. It can be a struggle to decide what to pack, plan your transportation, and keep yourself and your possessions safe, especially when you’re travelling with valuables. Figuring out how you’re going to safely travel with your beloved jewellery is a whole other challenge. 

Whether you’re travelling with an engagement ring, diamond earrings or a valuable watch, you want to protect your jewellery while travelling. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 10 products for travelling safely with jewellery.


1. Secure Jewellery Roll

Sleek jewellery rolls are a good solution for keeping your valuable jewellery safe and organised during travel. These rolls either tie or buckle to keep your jewellery secure inside the roll. The compact design of a jewellery roll makes for simple, carefree packing.


2. Fanny Pack

An under-the-clothes fanny pack keeps your jewellery close to you at all times and is especially convenient for when you’re on the move. An under-the-clothes fanny pack is a great way to protect your wedding ring while travelling through unknown areas because you can easily put it back on when you feel comfortable doing so. 

A slim fanny pack can easily fit under a t-shirt or sweatshirt for safekeeping of your valuables, while still allowing easy access. 


3. Compartmentalised Jewellery Box

A compartmentalised jewellery box is an efficient way to keep your jewellery organised. Go for a smaller, travel size jewellery box to allow for easy packing while you travel.


4. Portable Safe

If you’re worried about the security of your jewellery while you travel, a portable safe may be the solution. Portable safes are great for keeping your valuable jewellery secure at the hotel, airport and throughout the entire trip. Get peace of mind knowing your jewellery is locked away safely in a travel size safe.


5. Hanging Jewellery Organiser Roll

If you’re looking for organisation and convenience, a hanging jewellery organiser may be the answer. These organisers roll up for easy packing and can be easily unrolled once you’ve arrived at your hotel for convenient hanging. 

This is a great option for travelling with lots of jewellery because it has great storage, but it’s still compact and can easily hang in a wardrobe.


6. Luggage Lock

Worried about your valuable jewellery while you’re in the airport or travelling to your hotel? Keep not only your jewellery but all valuables safe with a luggage lock. Luggage locks can be put on any suitcase for the safekeeping of your personal belongings. 

If you’re travelling to the USA, you may want to purchase a luggage lock that is approved by the TSA, meaning they can access your bags at airport security but keep the lock intact.


7. Mini Jewellery Organiser

If you’re only bringing a few pieces of jewellery, consider a travel-sized jewellery organiser for your purse. This will allow you to keep your items clutter-free and safe from damage while travelling. Combine this with number six or eight on the list for added security.


8. Lockable Purse

If you plan on keeping your jewellery with you while your travel, a lockable purse is a smart investment. Not only will this keep your jewellery secure, but it provides security for your cash, cards, phone and any other valuables you may keep close at hand when you’re out day tripping.  


9. Security Belt

Security belts have secure storage and conveniently fit around your pant waistband. Like the fanny pack, these are excellent for keeping your luxury watch or wedding ring safe when you’re on the move. 


10. JewelCover Insurance

Wouldn’t you like the peace of mind that your jewellery is safe no matter how you choose to travel with it? Jewellery insurance will ease any worries you have about travelling with jewellery.

JewelCover provides worldwide coverage, meaning that you are protected no matter where you choose to travel with your jewellery. Whether you want quality insurance for your engagement ring or your luxury watch collection, JewelCover has you covered. 

Ready to get coverage for your jewellery? Get a quote now!

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