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The Story Behind Our Story.

It’s very rare to have a jewellery insurance policy built by people who have seen it in operation. It’s even rarer to have it built by people who possess decades of both first-hand jewellery and jewellery claims knowledge.

Our Story

We’re here to provide you with a comprehensive standalone jewellery insurance policy to help you protect your precious jewellery

Not your traditional

Not your traditional insurer

We do things a little differently to most insurers. We come from a jewellery background. We understand that jewellery is not like many other items you insure such as your car or home contents (television, computer, fridge). Most people have an emotional connection with their jewellery. Most insurers don’t get that – we do!

Solving problems

Solving the problem

JewelCover was founded and designed by jewellers who are proud members and supporters of the Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA). It was specifically created to address the needs of jewellers and their customers identified by the JAA.


Our underwriter

JewelCover is issued and underwritten by one of the largest insurers in the world - Chubb Insurance Australia Limited (ABN 23 001 642 020, AFSL 239687). It is arranged by Jewellers Loop Pty Ltd (ABN 47 110 767 087) on behalf of Chubb.

Why JewelCover Jewellery Insurance?

JewelCover policies give your jewellery the comprehensive protection it deserves; nothing more and nothing less.


12 Months Worldwide Cover

Taking your jewellery on honeymoon or holidays? No sweat - enjoy them with confidence.


Cover Inside and Outside the Home

Home and contents insurance is great for fridges. Jewellery? Not so great. Enjoy a policy that covers you in and outside the house.


Cover From the Moment You Leave the Jeweller

Instant cover means instant peace of mind. Insure your jewellery at the point of sale and you’re protected from day one.


An Agreed Value Policy

We don’t believe in surprises when it comes time to claim. Enjoy the confidence of knowing exactly how much you’re covered for.


Return to Your Chosen Jeweller

Does your jewellery need replacement or repair? It’s your choice who completes the job.


Complimentary Annual Revaluation

Markets change and so does the value of your jewellery. Know exactly what it’s worth with a complimentary annual revaluation by jewellery experts.

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