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Engagement Ring Insurance

Peace of Mind, Without The Price Tag.

Your engagement ring deserves special protection. Get peace of mind with JewelCover engagement ring insurance and protect yourself against loss, damage, theft and more.

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💎 Should you get engagement ring insurance? 

Let's face it, engagement rings can be expensive. So after all of your hard work finding that perfect ring, you might be hesitant to pay any more money for something like insurance.

Unfortunately, we see every day how upsetting it can be to have your engagement ring damaged, stolen or lost. That's why we're committed to protecting your engagement ring with top-quality insurance at an affordable price. 

Engagement Ring Insurance Benefits

Worldwide cover

When it comes to jewellery insurance, it’s easy to think your policy covers you anywhere you travel in the world. Some policies may give you limited coverage for a certain period of time while travelling. If you are insured with us, you can enjoy worldwide coverage with the confidence to wear and enjoy your engagement ring no matter how long you travel for.

worldwide cover

Coverage inside and outside the home

Engagement rings are meant to be worn and enjoyed. Is it enough that you are only covered while you are inside your home? We don’t think so. Our jewellery insurance policy covers you inside and outside your house.

inside and outside home

Return to your jeweller

We believe that you should always have the option to return to your preferred or original jeweller in the event of a claim.

You picked your jeweller for a reason. It may be a family jeweller who has made jewellery for your family for many generations. It may be a jeweller you selected because of their impeccable reputation or brand. Whatever the reason is, JewelCover ensures that in the case of a claim, you can have your engagement ring repaired or replaced by someone you know and trust.

your jeweller

Agreed value

Our customers pay insurance premium on an agreed insured value. So in the event of a loss, an approved claim is paid in the amount of the agreed value. Not a value “up to” the insured value.

We don’t ask jewellers for a discount on the cost of replacing or repairing the item. The agreed value is paid, quickly!

agreed value

Complimentary revaluation of your engagement ring

Traditional home insurance policies explicitly state that it is your responsibility to ensure that the insured value is correct.

As the value of engagement rings can fluctuate over time due to changes in the cost of gem stones, metals, labour and currency rate changes, we appreciate the need for your jewellery to be regularly revalued to ensure that in the event of a claim, you will be adequately covered.

With a JewelCover policy, you can be rest assured that your engagement ring is revalued every 12 months by our expert jewellery consultants. Did we mention that this was complimentary?


Confidence and trust

Confidence and trust are important ingredients when purchasing any engagement ring. They are critical ingredients in the event of a jewellery insurance claim.

Working with a member of the JAA gives you peace of mind that there is an internationally recognised body behind you to ensure that you are protected from start to finish.


My experience was perfect, and they kept me updated after I forwarded the information. I never thought insuring my engagement ring would be so easy! Raff whom I dealt with was extremely helpful, and great to deal with.

Andrew Parker

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