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Temporary & Placeholder Engagement Rings: What to Know

Last updated on December 12, 2023

Planning a modern-day proposal can feel like navigating landmines. What if she doesn’t like the ring? What if you find the right sparkler, but it doesn’t fit? Maybe you should take her ring shopping, but will she be disappointed without a romantic surprise?

You’re simultaneously making significant financial and emotional decisions, and it’s a lot to manage. So why not take some of the pressure off by using a temporary or placeholder engagement ring?

What is a Temporary Engagement Ring?

A temporary (or placeholder) engagement ring is an inexpensive piece of jewellery that provides you with bling for a surprise proposal while still allowing the bride-to-be to choose her engagement ring. It’s a substitute, a stand-in. And there are many types from which to choose.

But before we get into your options, let’s look at why some gents decide to go for a placeholder engagement ring before buying the real thing.

You Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

You’re giddy in love, and you’ve thought through the proposal over and over. But planning the perfect “will you marry me” is stressful. What if you say the words wrong? What if her eyes meet The Ring, and you sense disappointment?

You can abolish one layer of anxiety by proposing with a placeholder ring. She can help you finalise the most expensive jewellery purchase of your life; after all, she’s the one who will wear it.

You Can Focus on Each Other, Not the Bling

It’s an incredibly romantic moment, and it’s only fitting that you spend it gazing into each other’s eyes instead of focusing on a piece of jewellery. However, if this is how you feel about the proposal, a temporary engagement ring might be best for you.

You don’t get a do-over when asking for her hand in marriage, and you don’t want to infuse the occasion with any awkwardness if the ring doesn’t fit or isn’t her style. The last thing you want is for her thoughts to spiral into, “Does he know me?” if your choice misses the mark. So leave discomfort behind with a temporary ring, and go shopping after you’ve celebrated your exciting new engagement.

You’re Not a Style Expert

Some guys are always dialled into the latest trends and styles. And some aren’t. If choosing a chic, expensive piece of jewellery for your lady love sends terrors down your spine, spare yourself the stress and use a temporary ring. She doesn’t have to know (at least for now) that you’re clueless when it comes to fashion.

You Can Only Afford One Ring

You’ve probably already created a budget for the engagement ring, and the chances are good that you only planned for one. If she genuinely dislikes the ring, you’ll probably replace or redesign it at some point. Some people look at placeholders as a type of insurance: she gets everything she wants, and you are spared the expense of a re-do.

You’re Proposing Tonight

Sometimes in life, a particular moment is too good to pass up. If that moment is tonight, you need a placeholder ring. Your spontaneity doesn’t have to compromise her engagement ring, and it shouldn’t. You don’t want to risk making a hasty decision or buying from a jeweller you haven’t thoroughly vetted. So instead, propose today (with a stand-in), and begin shopping tomorrow.

You’re Considering Proposing without a Ring

No. Don’t do it. If you do, she’ll be up half the night Googling, “Am I really engaged if I don’t have a ring?” But, on the other hand, with a temporary ring, she gets the proposal experience she deserves, and you can walk confidently into the jewellery store with your love at your side, knowing you’ll walk out with the perfect sparkler.

What Kind of Temporary Engagement Ring Should I Choose?

Once you’ve decided to propose with a temporary engagement ring, the next step is to acquire one. What are your options?

A Loaner from the Jeweller

Many jewellery stores provide temporary loaner rings to their customers. They well-understand the quandaries surrounding engagement ring purchases, and they’re happy to help. For example, some jewellers offer cubic zirconia solitaires you can bring back to the shop when you’re ready to purchase the real deal. Others will lend you a genuine diamond engagement ring that you’ll return when she returns with you to pick out the sparkler of her dreams.

A “Will You Marry Me?” Band

If you’re worried she might get too attached to the placeholder ring, consider proposing with a silver band that literally says, “Will You Marry Me?” Then, she can keep the memento forever, wearing it on another finger or on a chain around her neck. It’s a sweet gesture and a lifetime memory of one of your happiest days.

A Simple Gold Band

A simple gold band is a timeless piece of jewellery that will complement any collection, and it makes a perfect placeholder while you search (together) for the ideal engagement ring. This is also an excellent solution for those who want to design a custom ring, which can take several months. You have the perfect, engagement-worthy interim solution.


Once you find that perfect, permanent sparkler, insure it with affordable JewelCover insurance. We protect your investment everywhere she goes, even when she travels abroad. To learn more, ring us at 1300 522 808 or fill out this online form. Enjoy this exciting time in your life. Congratulations!

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