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Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles of 2020

Last updated on March 06, 2023

In many ways, 2020 has disappointed, but when it comes to engagement ring styles, we couldn’t be more pleased. This year’s most popular engagement styles combine yesteryear’s most pleasing classics with today’s fresh appeal.

So divert your attention away from the news, and explore the artistry and craftsmanship of today’s most influential jewellers. Let’s take a look at the year’s most popular engagement ring styles.


Fancy Cut Diamonds

Isn’t every diamond fancy? Well, yes. But in jeweller lingo, fancy cuts include just a few select diamond shapes, such as oval, emerald, marquise, pear and marquise. Most brides opt for round brilliants, princess-cut or cushion-cut diamonds, so fancy cuts are unexpected and unique.

For an especially unique (and trendy) look, turn a fancy cut diamond 90 degrees. A marquise set in an east-west setting brings an understated elegance to a design; it’s sure to garner attention.


Rose Cut Diamonds

The rose looks fair, but fairer we it deem

For that sweet odour which doth in it live.

Shakespeare might have written his Sonnet 54 about a flower, but he might have been talking about rose cut diamonds as well. After all, these old-fashioned beauties were tremendously popular in the 16th century. And now? They’re back.

Rose-cut diamonds have a domed top and a flat bottom. In this way, they resemble the shape of a rosebud. Since they’re less faceted than conventional, modern cuts, their sparkle tends to look glassy and even milky. In addition to the sentimental value of these antique sparklers, rose-cut diamonds appear larger than their carat weights because of their flat bottoms. The result? More bang for your buck.


Hidden Halos

Halo engagement rings have been trending for several years now, and if you’ve been to a jewellery store lately, you’ve doubtless seen many varieties. One of our favourite halo developments this year is the hidden halo.

A hidden halo is a setting where the sparkling halo of pavé diamonds sits just under the centre stone. From above, the ring looks like a solitaire; from the side, exquisite details add an unexpected surprise.


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Most people immediately think of diamonds upon hearing the words “engagement ring.” But after 2020, maybe some people will think green.

Emeralds, that is. If you’re craving unconventional bling, consider 2020’s “it” stone. Emeralds come in many shades, so you’re sure to find one that complements your skin tone. Traditionally, emeralds have been associated with new beginnings, which is absolutely perfect for engagements.

Keep in mind that emeralds are not as robust as diamonds. They generally have more inclusions, so take extra care. If you avoid knocking it against hard surfaces and you keep it clean, it will continue to sparkle day in and day out.


Two-Stone Rings

Glam it up with twice the sparkle. This cool trend caught the jewellery world by storm and has produced some incredibly novel designs. Also called Toi et Moi rings (French for You and Me), these engagement baubles represent the moment when the two of you become one.

Some two-stone rings bring identical stones together in a symmetrical design; others embrace an off-kilter look with a pear and a princess cosied up together or even different coloured stones set side-by-side.


Rose Gold

Thanks to trends toward mixed metal stacking rings and alternative metals, rose gold has made an impressive comeback in 2020. From peachy golds to cooler pinks, rose gold pairs well with yellow gold, white gold, and a variety of gemstones. Warm gemstones like morganite are particular favourites for engagement ring ensembles.


Art Deco

Vintage designs have come flying back, and Art Deco is 2020’s antique-du-jour. Thanks in part to Princess Beatrice’s Art Deco-inspired platinum and diamond engagement ring, this trend highlights the geometric inspiration of emerald cuts and baguettes.

Even though the Art Deco movement happened a century ago, it still has a modern, avant-garde vibe. Today’s modish brides look to the style’s clean lines and geometric patterns for inspiration.



On the other end of the spectrum, we're also seeing floral, organic styles in 2020. There’s truly something for everyone.

In 2020, Lady Gaga, Irina Shayk and Katy Perry all rocked floral engagement rings, so the market has responded with a bevvy of gorgeous designs. Look for sapphires surrounded by delicately placed diamonds and asymmetrical feminine sprays of gemstones.

Whatever you choose, protect your engagement ring with JewelCover insurance. You’ll be surprised when you check our prices and learn how affordable it can be to safeguard your gorgeous sparkler.


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