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Precautions to Keep Your Engagement Ring Safe at Home

Last updated on January 19, 2021

We protect the things we love: our families and pets, homes and cars, health and well-being. Because these things mean so much to us, we protect them in several important ways. We establish good habits, install door locks and buy insurance. 

And when it comes to your engagement ring, that precious sparkler that means so much, a little care goes a long way.

In this article, we’ll outline a well-rounded plan for keeping your ring safe, shiny and gorgeous.


Safe from Theft

We like to think of our homes as safe havens from the world outside, but burglaries are all too common. Sadly, Australia has the fifth-highest rate of burglaries in the world, and jewellery comes in as the third most popular item for burglars, right after cash and laptops.

Fortunately, you can reduce your chances of losing your engagement ring to theft by taking these precautions.

Don’t Flaunt Your Jewellery on Social Media

In Bill Mason’s Confessions of a Master Jewel Thief, the author (and former thief) says, “If you’re going to go out and flaunt your jewellery in the society pages, there are people out there besides other society ladies that read these things.” Today’s “society pages” are social media, so be careful about how much you flaunt your bling on Instagram and Facebook.

Install a Safe

A small safe doesn’t cause much, but it can pay off immensely if you’re ever the victim of a home invasion. In addition to storing your engagement ring when you’re not wearing it, you can also stash essential documents, cash and other valuables in a home safe. For extra protection, consider purchasing a fireproof safe for an added layer of comfort.

Make Your Home Security System Obvious

The presence of a security system with easy-to-see cameras is often enough to deter thieves from choosing your home. Burglars typically scout out their targets ahead of time, and if they notice security measures like cameras or even stickers indicating an alarm, they’ll likely move on.

Keep Your Ring in an Unconventional Place

If a burglar manages to break into your home, he’ll head right for the obvious engagement ring storage locations: jewellery boxes. Instead of keeping your jewellery in a conventional place, why not foil the thieves? You could keep your sparkler in a fake book or a teacup in the back of a cabinet. Just don’t forget where you stashed it!


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Free from Damage

Theft isn’t the only danger to your engagement ring. Even though jewellery is made from some of the hardest substances on earth, it’s often fragile and requires special care. By adopting some of these habits, you can prevent damage to your ring.

Store It In Soft, Fabric Lining

Whether you store your ring in a safe, a jewellery box or a creative hideaway, make sure it’s surrounded by soft fabric. When pieces of jewellery knock against each other, they can suffer scratches and dings. Velvet-lined boxes and soft pull-string bags avoid these problems and keep your jewellery looking brand new.

Clean It Before You Store It

Going to the beach for a week? Give your sparkler a thorough home cleaning before you tuck it away safe and sound. Check out our handy guide for cleaning your jewellery for specific instructions.

Separate Your Metals

When you store your jewellery at home, keep pieces separated according to their metal. It’s important to keep silver items away from other metals that tarnish. To avoid unsightly tarnishing and further damage, sort your precious metals.


Protected from Daily Life

Engagement rings experience daily life right along with you. What can you do to protect it from everyday wear and tear?

Create Good Habits

When you remove your ring to apply lotion or scrub with harsh chemicals, where will you put it? Establish a home for your engagement ring, so you don’t misplace it. A velvet ring holder will keep it protected when it’s not on your finger.

Beware: Drains

Plumbers make a living from fishing diamond rings out of sink traps. Be careful around sinks and drains. If your ring is even slightly loose, remove it before you wash your dishes.

Take Cold-Finger Precautions

Whether you’re diving into a pool of water or trying to stay warm during a wintertime stroll, cold fingers pose a danger to an engagement ring. Why? Cold fingers constrict. If your ring is even a tiny bit loose, it could slip off your finger while you swim or rake leaves in the cool air. Keep your gloves on in the winter, and avoid wearing your ring when you swim.


Insured and Safeguarded

Of course, even when you develop good habits and take precautions, your wedding ring could still be stolen, lost or damaged. That’s why specialised jewellery insurance is so important.

Our JewelCover policy protects your precious ring and give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy it fully. Learn more about our affordable, world-class insurance, and if you have further questions, ring us at 1300 522 808. For an instant quote, click here.

We look forward to protecting your engagement ring.

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