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In the first weeks and months after your fiance first slips that gorgeous sparkler onto your finger, that tiny piece of jewellery causes a commotion. Your friends and family squeal when they see it! It makes your heart flutter at odd moments (like when you’re typing an email to your coworkers). And it may cause heart-stopping stress when you worry about hurting or losing it. The truth is: everyday activities can damage your engagement ring.

We hope you’re planning on wearing that ring forever, and over time, it will start to feel like an extension of your hand. Even when you’re accustomed to its presence, it’s still wise to make habits that will protect it from harm.

Let’s look at several everyday activities that can damage your engagement ring. And more importantly, here’s what you can do to protect that precious treasure.


1 - Slathering on Lotions and Creams

Thick lotions and sweet-smelling creams make your skin feel nice, but they can leave harmful residue on your ring. In addition to making it feel and appear dirty, lotions can discolour the ring, particularly if you have a coloured gemstone.

White gold and platinum tend to be more vulnerable to discolouration than yellow gold and silver. To avoid problems, remove your ring when you apply lotions and creams. To keep your piece safe, place a ring dish in the area where you most often apply lotion, so you don’t leave it in a dangerous place, like on the edge of the sink.


2 - Cleaning with Harsh Chemicals

As you clean your home, keep your engagement ring’s safety in mind. Not only could it slip off your finger and clatter down a drain, but harsh cleaners can negatively react with some precious metals. Avoid putting your ring at risk by taking it off before cleaning or wearing gloves to keep it safe.


3 - Exercising

After a while, you may start to treat your ring as if it were indestructible. After all, it’s metal and diamond, right? And diamonds are among the world’s most durable substances? Well, yes and no.

Diamonds are tough, but they can still chip and break. Prongs can bend, and metal can scratch. Be careful while using dumbbells, tennis racquets and other exercise equipment. Your ring is certainly not indestructible.


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4 - Swimming

Whether you swim laps to work out or frolic on the beach on the weekends, swimming poses a danger to your engagement ring. When your hand is cold, your ring can slip off more easily. Also, jewellery can sustain damage when it scrapes up against the side of a swimming pool or a stone on the ocean floor.


5 - Working in the Garden

If you choose not to remove your engagement ring before digging in the dirt, wear protective gloves. Sharp tools, mud, and hidden rocks can all cause lasting damage to fine jewellery, so don’t take the chance.


6 - Cooking

Some meals don’t require much hands-on prep. And then there are meatballs, bread dough and marinated meat. Don’t avoid making your favourite dishes, but do get in the habit of removing your engagement ring before plunging your hands into that pillowy dough. 


7 - Living without Engagement Ring Insurance

The activities mentioned above can be dangerous to your engagement ring, and they certainly don’t run the gamut of typical human activities. So, to cover all your bases, protect your sparkler with JewelCover engagement ring insurance.

Establishing good habits (like removing your ring before slathering up with lotion) will help your jewellery to maintain its sparkle and shine. For the ultimate in peace of mind, protect it with specialised jewellery insurance. No matter where you travel, you’ll know it’s fully protected from damage and theft.

Give us a buzz at 1300 522 808 to learn more, or get an instant online quote. We’re here to answer your questions and get you the protection you need.

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