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Your Jewellery Insurance Claim Checklist

Last updated on March 04, 2024

There’s bad news, and there’s good news.

The bad news is that your beautiful engagement ring has met with a tragic accident. It slipped off your finger while you swam in the ocean, or it bent out of shape while you’re rock climbing (we’ve heard all the stories).

The good news is that you protected that sparkler with JewelCover jeweller insurance, so it won’t be long before it sparkles on your hand once more.


Checklist - Necessary Paperwork

To file a claim, you’ll need to provide a couple of documents. Generally speaking, these documents are easy to obtain, and once we have them, we’re quick.


Statutory Declaration

We’ll need a statutory declaration addressing the loss of your jewellery. A statutory declaration is a written statement that you sign and declare to be true and accurate. You sign it in the presence of an authorised witness.


Police Report

If your cherished piece of jewellery is lost or stolen, we also need a police report to process your claim. To obtain a report, contact your local police department and request a report (or at least the report number) after the matter has been investigated. 


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Making Your Claim

As soon as you realise that your jewellery is missing or damaged, contact us via phone or email. We’ll walk you through the claims process, and keep you informed every step of the way.

Once we’ve received the necessary documents, the turnaround time is fast. It won’t be long before you’re reunited with your fully restored engagement ring.


The Benefits of JewelCover Insurance

Not only will your jewellery be restored to you, but you’ll also enjoy these benefits with a JewelCover policy.


Worldwide Cover

People insure their jewellery with all kinds of policies, from home and contents insurance to travel insurance. But even with travel insurance, you might be surprised by the geographical limitations imposed on your cover.

With JewelCover, you’ll enjoy worldwide coverage, so you can wear your bling with confidence, no matter how long you’re gone. Want to take your jewellery on vacation? Please do! Need to look polished for a business trip? Wear your pearls. Enjoy your jewellery no matter how far you roam.


Coverage Inside and Outside Your Home

Home and contents insurance may protect your jewellery when it’s inside your home, but that’s not where the jewellery should stay.

Jewellery is meant to be worn and enjoyed. So choose a policy that protects it whether you’re home or out on the town. Both kinds of protection are essential. 


Return to Your Jeweller

With some jewellery insurance policies, you don’t have a choice about your replacement jeweller. But here at JewelCover, we think you must have the option of returning to your original designer.

You chose that jeweller for a reason. Maybe you loved the jeweller’s style, or perhaps you appreciate their reputation for solid craftsmanship. Whatever it was that initially attracted you, you ought to be able to return for your repairs or replacement.


Agreed Value

JewelCover customers pay an insurance premium on an agreed insured value. In the event of a loss, an approved claim is paid in the amount of the agreed value, not a value “up to” the insured value.

We never ask jewellers for a discount on the cost of replacing or repairing the item. The agreed value is paid, and it’s paid quickly!


Complimentary Revaluation

Typical home and contents policies state that it’s your responsibility to obtain a valuation of your jewellery. Because prices fluctuate over time, we offer annual revaluations, so you always know how much your jewellery is worth.


Obtaining JewelCover Insurance

Clearly, JewelCover insurance provides peace of mind, but what happens when something terrible happens to your favourite ring or necklace?

To find out how affordable jewellery insurance can be, check our prices online or give us a call at 1300 522 808. We look forward to providing you with unparalleled peace of mind.


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