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How Does the Jewellery Insurance Claims Process Work?

Last updated on August 24, 2020

Talking about insurance claims isn’t fun. If you need to make a claim, that means something terrible just happened.

Maybe, after a sun-drenched day at the beach, you look down at your sunburned hand and see that your engagement ring looks different. Where a sparkling round brilliant diamond perched this morning, only a strange-looking claw remains. What do you do?

Although you feel a lump in your throat at the loss of your treasure, you can take a deep breath of relief when you have specialised engagement ring insurance.

In this article, we’ll walk through the claims process. In other words, we’ll show you how our insurance can take you from heartbreak to relief in just a few short steps.


The Phone Call

As soon as you notice something is wrong (your previously gorgeous engagement ring now resembles a tree stripped of its leaves), call us at JewelCover. If you can’t ring us (1300 522 808), dash off an email (

Our helpful customer care experts will jot down your information and let you know what information you’ll need to provide. Since all we cover is jewellery, you’ll know we understand. We talk about jewellery all day every day, so we’re always familiar with jewellers, styles, stones and metals. We’ll listen carefully and get ready to spring into action.



Once you get in touch with us, we’ll guide you through the process.

In the case of a loss or theft, for example, we will require a statutory declaration and a police report. In the case of accidental damage, we’ll likely just need a statutory declaration explaining what happened. We’re more than happy to guide you through the process of finding and securing the necessary paperwork.


Sit Back and Let Us Work Things Out

At this point, you’ve done everything you need to. We’ll take it from here, liaising with your jeweller to make sure your piece is completely restored. If you’re on holiday, you can return to your travels, knowing everything is under control. We’ll stay in touch with you through the process, delivering updates as we receive them.

In most cases, the claims process takes about five business days. You’ll soon be reunited with your treasured piece of jewellery, and it will look as lovely as ever.


Work With Your Favourite Jeweller

Since we’re jewellery people ourselves, we make sure our customers have the opportunity to return to their favourite shop for repairs or replacements. That working relationship is important.

Although we suggest that you use your original jeweller if you need to replace a piece of jewellery, we don’t require you to see anyone in particular; you have the freedom to use any jeweller you want in the event of a claim.

If you originally bought your piece overseas, never fear. We liaise with jewellers from all over the world to get information for processing claims. No matter where you originally purchased your piece, we can get the job done.


Reunited, and It Feels So Good

It feels terrible to lose a treasured piece of jewellery. And we want to minimise your heartache and financial losses that result from theft, loss and damage. Ultimately, we aim to restore your jewellery to its original, beautiful state.

If you experience the awful, sinking feeling that follows a loss, we can help! To learn more about our policy, call us at 1300 522 808, or get an instant quote to find out how little it costs to protect your treasured possessions.


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