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A Mini Guide for Designing a Custom-Made Engagement Ring

Last updated on October 04, 2022

One Solitaire Too Many


Monday morning arrives, and she bounces into the office, fervently keen to hold up her left hand. Her fourth finger sparkles alongside her Insta-worthy mani. 

In like manner, her work BFF holds up her left hand, and aside from a different shade of gel, it's a side-by-side catalogue reflection. 

You got it––said BFF also happened to get engaged over the weekend, and as luck would have it, their rings are twinning! 

With a quick congratulations, each throws a sideways glance looking around the office for anyone else that may share the excitement of a moment that should be uniquely theirs.


Why Design a Custom-Made Ring?


The modern-day bride wants a unique ring that initiates screams of excitement when they first hold out their hand. They want the chance to give exaggerated descriptions. As best friends, Emma ('One-Carat? -Almost, maybe just under. More than he could afford, I'm sure.') and Olivia (5-carat Tiffany Novo cushion cut diamond engagement ring.) gave each other in the romantic comedy Bride Wars.

Unlike the scenario I just played out, these girls said the magical 'Yes!' to rings that were unique to their personalities––one that was subtle like Emma and the other definitive like Olivia.


Propose to Create Something Original 


Just like Emma and Olivia, your soon-to-be fiancée has a unique personality. She deserves a ring that speaks for itself, something that's one of a kind––a custom engagement ring. Creating something original gives you a hands-on approach to each design element. And because you are involved in the process, you can work within your budget. 


Endless Love. Endless Possibilities. 


Metal Type

Chances are that your bride-to-be already has a preference. Maybe you are aware of it, or perhaps you still need to pore over her jewellery box—either way, her taste will predominantly guide your choice of metal for her custom engagement ring. Happy wife, Happy life––as the adage goes.

Having a budget will help you see where your design is going. Platinum and gold, both yellow and white, are currently on trend but are also some of the most expensive ring metals on the market. Making alternatives such as palladium (a less expensive alternative to platinum) custom engagement rings an enticing option to those on a limited budget.

Depending on your partner's profession, you may also want to consider durability and how it frames your choice of stone. For example, a custom diamond ring crafted in a rose gold setting offers a romantic look that is not only durable but also unique––and it doesn't require regular rhodium plating like white gold. The International Gem Society comprehensively summarises the various ring metal options worldwide in an easy-to-read fiancée format. 


Diamond & Gemstones Shapes

Getting engaged symbolises the next chapter of your love story. So what better way to celebrate than with a custom engagement ring as rare and unique as the one you are preparing to marry?

Traditionally, diamonds were always a girl's best friend, well, at least according to Marilyn Monroe. However, since 2010 when The Duchess of Cambridge said yes to the iconic 12-carat oval sapphire engagement ring (and the 14 sparkling diamonds that surrounded its entirety) previously worn by Diana, Princess of Wales––brides worldwide have been saying yes to a spectrum of brilliant gemstones, an attractive alternative to traditional diamonds.

Whether a diamond, an exotic yellow citrine or a sea of aquamarine, designing a custom engagement ring makes it personal to your story. 



There is something seriously romantic about having an inscription inside your custom engagement ring that only you and your partner know. Whether it's your wedding date or a sentimental phrase, a note adds to the personal element of your engagement ring.


You've Decided She's the One. Let's Put a Ring on It.


While store-bought engagement rings can be yours within a few hours to a few days, custom engagement rings take time. Let's think of it as a journey, quite like your relationship. Once you have found a jeweller, initial appointments focus on design––discussing the style you have in mind, the stone etc. Bare in mind that it can take a little extra time to source the perfect diamond or gemstone, especially if you are after a specific shape or colour. 

Next is the "Aha!" moment, where you dance the Zorba because you've finally designed your custom engagement ring. It's also the point at which you pay your deposit. Cha-Ching!

From this point, most jewellers will allow 4-5 weeks for completion. So if you're ready, start this process at least two months before your proposal, and don't stress if your custom engagement ring takes a little longer––it's ok. Remember, she doesn't know it's coming yet.


Cha-Ching! The Cost of a Custom Engagement Ring 


For some, custom engagement rings mean big-time bling, which means big money that can run into hundreds of thousands. Even millions for the Beyoncés of the world. But can we all afford the impressive and rare fancy green diamond Ben Affleck gave Jennifer Lopez upon their engagement? No, nor might we want to. 

The cost of your custom engagement ring depends entirely on your budget and how much you are willing to spend. Once you have set this amount, you can work with your jeweller to determine what stone, metal, and design to fit within your budget. 


How do I Choose a Jeweller That's Right for Me? 


When considering a jeweller, it's all about the preliminary research. Ask questions and seek referrals. Are they reputable? Do they have experience? Can they show you examples of previous pieces that they have created?

Similarly, are they personable? Do they listen to any questions that you may have? Creating a custom engagement ring is a journey. You want to choose a jeweller you can engage with that listens to understand what you are trying to achieve.


Keep it Forever. Yours.


When designing a custom engagement ring, it's important to factor in jewellery insurance coverage with insurers who understand the sentimental value of a custom engagement ring. 

Getting engaged is a timeless practice, an heirloom alongside a story to pass on to future generations. JewelCover guarantees its careful recreation if you need to make a claim. 


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