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15 Alternative Options to Traditional Engagement Rings

Last updated on March 06, 2023

Candles flicker, romantic violins swell, and the tuxedo-clad gentleman drops to one knee. What kind of ring does he present to his lady? If you imagine a diamond solitaire in a Tiffany-blue box, you’re not alone. We all have preconceptions about classic engagement rings. And while many Australians still opt for the traditional sparkler, more and more would-be grooms are seeking alternatives.

Colourful gems light up Pinterest boards, and active lifestyles are prompting lower-profile designs. For these and other reasons, alternative ring styles are taking centre stage.

Let’s look at 15 alternative options to traditional engagement rings. Who knows? Maybe our dapper gent is about to pop an earth-shattering surprise on his lady love.


15 Alternative Options to Traditional Engagement Rings

  1. Serpent Bohème Two-Stone Ring
  2. Arancia Zaffiro Ring
  3. Dior Bois De Rose Ring
  4. Natalie Marie Sienna Ring
  5. Gregory Pomellato Nudo Diamonds & London Blue Topaz Ring
  6. Astley Clarke Morganite Tearoom Ring
  7. Cerrone 18ct Rose Gold Tourmaline and Diamond Ring
  8. Natasha Schweitzer Double Band Oval Diamond Ring
  9. Ritani Vintage Scroll Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
  10. Giulian’s Black Opal Ring
  11. Gilletts Amazon Collection Coloured Diamond Ring
  12. Regency Bead Set Ring
  13. Seb Brown Neapolitan Diamond Ring
  14. Dauphin Engagement Ring
  15. Lebrusan Large Hebe Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring


1 - Serpent Bohème Two-Stone Ring

Two ocean-rich lapis lazuli stones entwine around the band of this stunning Bohème creation. The pear-cut gemstones are faceted, eliciting extra sparkle against the yellow gold, textured ring. Totalling 3.38 carats, the stones seem nearly alive. She won’t be able to take her eyes off it.


2 - Arancia Zaffiro Ring

Should you go for diamonds or sapphires? White gold or rose gold? Circles or squares? Forget the decision-making and embrace them all with Kian Design’s incredible Arancia Zaffiro Ring. A pair of scintillating diamonds flank a fiery sapphire, and the juxtaposition of round stones, square settings and open tear shapes on the band combine for a harmonious work of art.


3 - Dior Bois De Rose Ring

Nature lovers often prefer soft organic lines to symmetrical, calculated designs. The elegance and romance of the Bois De Rose Ring pay tribute to Christian Dior’s favourite flower. The delicate rose stem wraps around and around the finger, punctuated by sparkling diamonds of different sizes, totalling about a third of a carat.


4 - Natalie Marie Sienna Ring

A dome of white diamonds suspends above an iridescent half-circle of milky Moonstone to create this precious heirloom piece. With natural and untreated Moonstone sourced from Tanzania, this unusual design can be handmade in 14ct or 18ct yellow gold, rose gold or white gold.


5 - Gregory Pomellato Nudo Diamonds & London Blue Topaz Ring

With a rounded, diamond-encrusted band, this incredible ring pulls out all the stops. The “nude” London blue topaz appears to hover over the diamonds, reflecting the light every which way. White gold and rose gold play supportive roles in this iconic ring. 


6 - Astley Clarke Morganite Tearoom Ring 

If she loves all things pink, this Morganite Tearoom Ring might send her swooning. The 14-carat rose gold ring features a pear-cut morganite stone surrounded by sparkling diamonds. You can pair with the Rose Gold Half Eternity Diamond Ring to create a unique wedding band set.


7 - Cerrone 18ct Rose Gold Tourmaline and Diamond Ring

The curvy shapes and angles of this ring demand make people stop and stare. How does the point of the lustrous pear attach to the delicate dip in the band’s shape? Twenty-four round brilliant cut diamonds line the band, and the 1.49ct pear-shaped tourmaline gemstone hovers next to the gold at an incredible angle.


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8 - Natasha Schweitzer Double Band Oval Diamond Ring

Handcrafted from your choice of 18K gold (yellow, rose, white) or platinum, this off-kilter design features a hand-selected oval diamond secured in a four-claw setting to a double band. Because the two bands lie at an angle, the diamond sits higher up on the finger than usual. It’s a gorgeous, unique design, sure to please even the most fashion-forward bride.


9 - Ritani Vintage Scroll Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

For maximum bling, consider Ritani’s Vintage Scroll design. The haloed centre stone seems to be the sun in a solar system of planetary diamonds. Each planet is held securely in place by a bezel setting, but the sparkle doesn’t end there. Diamonds pave the sides of the band, so the creation scintillates from every possible angle.


10 - Giulian’s Black Opal Ring

This ring features a show-stopping cabochon-cut natural solid Black opal from Lightning Ridge NSW. Its stunning colours flash red, orange, blue and green. Two round brilliant cut diamonds flank the opal on either side, and the band has an upswept, soft, rounded profile. 


11 - Gilletts Amazon Collection Coloured Diamond Ring

Three-stone engagement rings aren’t unusual, especially after the world saw Meghan Markle’s stunning three-stone ring. But this creation by Gilletts is something special. Two coloured diamonds flank the white centre diamond with its white gold bezel. Each diamond (one yellow and one pink) has a yellow gold bezel that contrasts with its colour and creates an exciting dimension.


12 - Regency Bead Set Ring

This gorgeous ring combines various precious metals with intricate texture and subtle sparkle. Its three bands include yellow gold beads, sleek, smooth rose gold and white gold set with heavenly white diamonds. This choice is perfect for a bride who loves sparkle but doesn’t want a high-profile ring.


13 - Seb Brown Neapolitan Diamond Ring

Signet rings have made a massive showing in fashion jewellery this year, and Seb Brown’s Neapolitan Diamond Ring makes a splash into engagement jewellery. Made from 18-carat gold and an array of diamonds, the ring manages to look both classic and modern, perfect for an alternative bride.


14 - Dauphin Engagement Ring

One brilliant diamond sits atop a rose gold band, just like a traditional engagement ring, but the band sets this ring apart from the crowd. Three bands stop and start, like a puzzle, and the diamond floats effortlessly in one of the gaps. This Dauphin engagement ring takes tradition and modernises it artfully.


15 - Lebrusan Large Hebe Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring

Inspired by the goddess Hera, this ring has a sleek design, exquisite hand engraving and an ethically-sourced yellow sapphire. Its contemporary dome setting maximises its natural sparkle, and its secure setting won’t catch on her clothes or hair. Six antique old-cut diamonds catch the light on the delicate yellow gold band. In short, it’s a stunner.


Once you find the perfect alternative engagement ring for your beloved, insure it with JewelCover engagement ring insurance. Before you drop down on one knee, assure yourself that the ring is protected from life’s perils. Get an instant quote today!


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