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Need ideas for your upcoming proposal? Once you’ve decided it’s time to get married, your next step is to settle on a scheme for the proposal of her dreams. Why not try one of these gallant ideas?


Boating Proposal

Escape the stifling streets and launch out onto the water for a proposal-to-remember. Whether you paddle out on a lake in a rowboat or set out on the high seas in a sailboat, you’ll stay cool and start your forever with the wind in your hair.

Tip: Be careful with that ring! Of course, you should have it insured, but you’ll also want to take it out of the box and slip it straight on her finger.



Sand Castle Proposal

If you love walking on the beach, consider proposing with a custom-built sandcastle. Plan an afternoon walk along the surf, and point out the amusing sand sculpture you happen upon. As you approach it, she’ll be able to read the “Marry me?” message created especially for her. When she realises what’s happening, you can drop down to one knee and pop the magical question.

Tip: Enlist friends to help build the sandcastle and guard it until you arrive at the chosen spot. Time your proposal with a breathtaking sunset by checking the weather for the exact moment the sun will set. Schedule backwards so you start your walk with enough time to leisurely stroll to the planned proposal location just in time for the sunset.


Sky-High Proposal

Float above the rolling hills early in the morning, and set the stage for a serene, peaceful proposal. When you’re up in a hot air balloon, everyday life feels far away. You can relax and think about the big picture of your future together.

Tip: When you book your ride on a hot air balloon, talk with the pilot about your proposal plans. Your pilot can make sure you have enough room in the basket or may even suggest ideas about the optimal timing and location for you to pop the question.


Nature Getaway Proposal

The fast pace of the city may not be the ideal environment for making life-changing decisions. For a breath of fresh air, propose a last-minute road trip outside of town. She doesn’t need to know that this spur-of-the-moment getaway has been planned for weeks, down to the trail you’ll hike and the very spot where you’ll flash that gorgeous sparkler in the sunlight.

Tip: Choose a proposal spot with a beautiful view and place to sit. If you want to go all out you could also organise someone to set up a picnic at the location to enjoy after the proposal. 


Playful Proposal

Do the two of you enjoy playing games? Turn an ordinary game night into an evening your children will talk about by using a game to propose marriage. For instance, you could play Scrabble and use your turn to spell “MARRY ME” on the board. Just as she protests that you’re using two words instead of one, you could drop to your knee and pull out a ring box.

Tip: This type of proposal may seem “off the cuff,” but it actually requires careful planning. You may need to cheat to make sure you have all the right letters on hand for the big moment. 


Rooftop Proposal

Steal away from the noise of the city and enjoy the privacy and views of a carefully chosen rooftop. Up there, it’s just the two of you and the whole world below you. What better place to contemplate the limitless future ahead of you?

Tip: Obtain permission from the building’s owner to use the rooftop for your proposal. If possible, visit the location at the exact time of day you plan on popping the question. This experience will help you to be prepared for contingencies such as bringing a blanket if it’s cold or a flashlight if it’s challenging to navigate walkways.


Sleeping Beauty Proposal

What a way to start the day! Slip the ring on while your soon-to-be fiance is sleeping. With the sparkler in place, you can do a romantic morning wake-up call with champagne and strawberries.

Tip: Make sure you’ve purchased the correct ring size. This plan won’t work well if you wake her up while trying to jam a too-small ring onto her finger. One simple way to get the correct size is to “borrow” one of her other rings that fits her finger well and take it to a jeweller to discover her size.


Flowers Proposal

Everything’s blooming in summer. Why not take advantage of nature’s bounties by incorporating a surplus of flowers in your proposal? You could create a beautiful heart-shaped arrangement of flower petals or potted plants and happen upon it during a walk through the park. Pop the question in the centre of the heart and relish her joyful reaction.

Tip: Plan your flower-focused proposal during a cooler time of day to avoid wilting. If the day is particularly hot, leave a helpful friend with a spray bottle to keep the flowers fresh until you arrive at the chosen spot.


Picnic Proposal

A romantic surprise picnic proposal sets the stage for a lifetime of happy memories. She’ll never expect that an everyday walk in the park will end with a candlelit picnic and the engagement ring of her dreams.

Tip: Choose picnic foods that will stay fresh and can be served without being reheated. If necessary, pack them in coolers with plenty of ice to keep them safe and delicious. Enlist friends to protect your picnic and provide the finishing touches for a picture-perfect proposal.


Candles Proposal

Light the night, and show your love how much she means to you with strings of lights and pillars of romantic candles. The low flames light your happy faces and help that beautiful sparkler to glint as you slip it onto her finger.

Tip: Timing is crucial for a candlelit proposal, so stay in contact with your helpers. They’ll need to light the candles just before you approach the peaceful scene.

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