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10 Jewellery Trends to Keep on Your Radar in 2022

November 30, 2021

Jewellery might be the perfect holiday gift. Sparkly and perfect as it lights up in the glow of the Christmas lights, it remains memorable and treasured year after year.

But what trends should you keep in mind as you shop? Happily, 2022 is shaping up to be a red-letter year for earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants. The styles are gorgeous, and you have an incredible selection from which to choose. 

Let’s take a peek at ten jewellery trends to keep on your radar this coming year.


1. Oversized Pieces

From massive pendants to enormous hoops, oversized jewellery has dominated the spring 2022 runways. It’s quirky and fun, and you might have to step out of your comfort zone to sport this trend. But outsized jewellery makes a statement and helps you turn a simple outfit into a statement.

Statement earrings will be all the rage, from shoulder-skimming danglies to lightweight (but large) chandeliers. And don’t forget the ring: the bigger, the better.


2. Au Naturel

Here’s another cue from the runway: earthy elements like geodes, turquoise, seashell and lesser-known gemstones. With earth’s treasures draped around your neck or featured on a signet ring, you’ll feel like a woodland nymph or elven princess. These natural beauties showcase metals and gemstones in their truest form, and it’s a trend we’re very excited about.


3. Chokers

It’s been a few years since chokers took centre stage, but they’re back! These pieces draw attention to your neck and completely transform necklines. As a result, we’re seeing quite a variety of chokers, from oversized, colourful baubles to minimalist metals. 

And if you want to go out, choose a choker with maximum sparkle. We love the ones featuring colourful gemstones like sapphires, agate, peridot, Alexandrite and (of course) diamonds.


4. Pearls

We often associate pearls with buttoned-up types, but this season’s beauties come in all shapes and sizes. From teardrop earrings to luxurious ropes, pearls bring polish and sophistication to any ensemble. They’re the stuff of heirlooms, so they make a perfect gift.


5. Chain Links

In 2022, bigger is better when it comes to chain-link jewellery. On the runway, Hermès wove metal chain links with leather, and Valentino’s chain necklaces featured monograms. Chains are even showing up in rings, which provides a whimsical contrast to the thin stacking rings of the past few seasons.


6. Charms

If you struggle to find the perfect gift each Christmas or birthday, starting a charm collection can be the answer for years to come. And in 2022, charms are big.

Kitschy charms make accessorising even more fun than it already is, whether you’re fitting out a bracelet or a string-along pendant. You can choose charms representing her personality and interests or the secret inside jokes that make your relationship so sweet.


7. Lariat Necklaces

Lariat necklaces are an everyday go-to. They upgrade an outfit instantly. And because of their longer length, you can pair them with chokers. For a doubly trendy look, choose a lariat necklace that features seashell, pearls or turquoise.


8. Seed Beads

Maybe it’s because we’re all tired of mass-produced items, but beads are bringing a handmade look to fine jewellery. So don’t be surprised if you see beads on beads on beads this coming season. They’re showing up on earrings, bracelets, necklaces and even hair accessories. They’re a perfect way to add a pop of colour to an understated jumper or dress.


9. Yellow Gold

Sadly, yellow gold stayed on the periphery of jewellery trends for many years, but those days are gone! In 2022, yellow gold is back, like the sunshine returning full force after a stretch of grey skies.

And because chunky jewellery is all the rage, it’s back in a big way. From watches and bracelets to rings and necklaces, yellow gold will be the staple we all reach for when we want to feel chic and in the know.


10. Geometric Shapes

Polygons, triangles, trapezoids--this is not the year of organic shapes. Instead, think bold and confident with clear-cut lines and generous dimensions. This trend is not inspired by daisy chains in a meadow--it’s about architectural strength and manufactured structure.

Reading about all these new jewellery trends in one place is exciting--there’s so much to explore. When you find the perfect pieces, insure them with JewelCover insurance. You can wear your treasures with confidence, knowing that no matter where you travel, your pearls and sparklers will be protected from loss, theft and damage.

To learn more about our affordable, comprehensive cover, reach out to us at JewelCover. You can receive an instant quote online or call us at 1300 522 808. We look forward to speaking with you!

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