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What will JewelCover protect my jewellery against?

At JewelCover, your policy protects your jewellery against loss, theft and damage. If an unfortunate event occurs, with JewelCover, you can have your insured jewellery replaced or repaired through the claims process.

Why should I choose JewelCover over other providers?

At JewelCover, we live and breathe jewellery. We come from a jewellery background and understand that most people have an emotional connection with their jewellery. Most providers don't get that.

Is jewellery insurance essential if I have home contents insurance?

The level of coverage provided by home contents insurance will differ in each person's unique circumstance. But in our experience, it would be best for you to read the fine print or call your insurer about your coverage. If you are unsatisfied with your insurer or level of coverage, feel free to call us anytime.

My jewellery came with a warranty. Do I need jewellery insurance?

Warranty and insurance are two very different things. Warranty is included when you purchase a new product but for only a limited time. Warranty aims to cover the consumer from any manufacturing defects. While on the other hand, insurance covers you from damage, loss and theft.

What does an “Agreed Value” policy mean?

"Agreed Value" means that in the case of a claim being approved for a total loss, we pay the full sum insured amount on your policy. Many insurers won’t pay the full amount shown on your policy if they can replace your item for less money by using words such as "you are insured up to the sum insured”.

We don't trick you. We keep it clear and simple.

What does it mean by Worldwide Cover?

With JewelCover, you can travel the world with the confidence that you will be covered. Unlike other policies, you are insured for any worldwide travel with no time restrictions.

What documentation is required from me to insure my jewellery?

We will need the following documentation:

  1. Receipt of purchase.
  2. Photo of jewellery.
  3. Valuation.
  4. Diamond / Gemstone certificate (if applicable).
  5. Proof of possession - take a photo of the item in front of a document with today's date (e.g. a newspaper or receipt).

If you don't have all of the following documents, one of our consultants will review what you do have and will be in touch if we need anything further.

When is the insurance coverage active?

As soon as we successfully receive your payment, you will receive a confirmation confirming your coverage is active.

Does my policy only cover myself?

Coverage includes the person listed on the policy and also includes their spouse who lives with the person covered.

With JewelCover, what can and can't I insure?

We cover all jewellery that is in good condition, either new or existing.

We don't cover:

  1. Poor condition or severely damaged jewellery.
  2. Loose diamonds and gemstones.
  3. Gold bullion and coins.
  4. Artefacts.
  5. Ivory.

When it's time to renew my policy, what happens?

The revaluation process is completed at no extra charge to you. Our expert in-house jewellers will analyse your jewellery and identify if there have been any changes in costs. Once complete, you will receive an invitation to renew your policy within 28 days.

If the value of my jewellery changes, what happens?

At JewelCover, we offer a complimentary revaluation service. Using this service, you can compare your jewellery against the fluctuating material prices and also make sure your item is insured for the correct amount.

Can I return to my original jeweller to repair or replace my jewellery?

We understand the special bond our customers have with their original jeweller.

That's why, in the event of a claim, we will always give you the choice to return to your preferred jeweller for repair or replacement.

How do I begin the claims process?

Firstly, get in contact with the JewelCover team and explain what happened. If your jewellery is lost or stolen, you'll need to provide a Police Report and a Statutory Declaration. Our team will then review your documents and work with your jeweller to repair or replace your jewellery.

Call: 1300 522 808


Can I cancel my policy?

Yes, your policy may be cancelled at any point. You will have to notify us of the future date you would like the cancellation to take effect. You will be refunded the balance of unused premium on a pro-rata basis.

Who underwrites the JewelCover policy?

Chubb Insurance Australia Limited underwrites JewelCover.

ABN 23 001 642 020, AFS Licence No 239687.


Don’t Take Our Word For It

Jack Brown - February 2021

"Josette was a pleasure to deal with and professional. I was comparing to a couple of other companies however Josette was very responsive and went above and beyond to provide great customer service. Thanks again!"

Sophie Green - February 2021

"I have just insured my wedding band with JewelCover (engagement ring also insured with JewelCover) and Rosemary was so friendly and helpful and took the time to walk through everything with me and make it a simple and easy to follow process. I have been with JewelCover for a few years now and will continue using them as my jewellery insurer."

Taylor Dykstra - January 2021

"Buying insurance, believe it or not, was a daunting task for me. When I spoke to Susan I was instantly reassured and she took the time to explain everything to me. I also received a quote through my home and contents insurance- a process that was long, messy and confusing (and very expensive!). JewelCover made things the opposite and I am very happy to have chosen to work with them. Especially a big thank you to Susan."

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