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Trending Men's Diamond Wedding Bands

Last updated on July 03, 2024

When considering the glamour of getting married, the focus is more than often on the bride in all her glory. But what about her significant other? As trends dictate, today’s modern groom is keen to express his unique style with more than a little bling. So for now, let’s put the limelight on him and take a look.

The Cartier Trinity Ring                         

RRP AU$1,900

Love. Fidelity. Friendship. The Cartier Trinity Ring is one of the Maison’s most iconic pieces for men set to be wed. Created by Louis Cartier in 1924, it is the formation of three movable and interlaced bands composed of white gold and black ceramic. An enduring symbol of love and an everlasting relationship.

You can’t surpass the Cartier white gold, black ceramic and diamond trinity ring when it comes to trending men's diamond wedding bands. With one of the three bands covered entirely in diamonds, it definitely delivers the wow factor. It retails for AU$9,500 and is available here.


The Tiffany T, True Wide Ring

RRP AU$10,700

Designs from the Tiffany T collection are marked by a signature House code inspired by the name brand Tiffany––an elegant letter T motif.

The Tiffany T, True Wide Ring is a bold 18k white gold ring that reflects the brand's graphic angles and clean lines. It encompasses alternating links of the letter T, covered in .99 carats of striking pavé diamonds. It retails for AU$10,700 and is available here.


Black Zirconium Men’s Diamond Band

RRP AU$1,470

Gregory Jeweller’s black zirconium men’s diamond band, featuring a row of brilliant cut round diamonds set in a pavé setting, might be the one for those wanting something unique. It has a subtle bevelled edge, making it comfortable to wear and 15 diamonds with a total weight of 0.13ct. The rhodium-plated men’s diamond wedding band retails for AU$1,470 and is available here.


White Gold Men’s Single Row Black Diamond Band

RRP AU$7,000

If you’re looking for a fancy-coloured diamond to put a little sparkle into your diamond wedding band, this is the one for you––a single row of black diamonds set on a white-gold band. It is as stunning as it is unique.

It has a total of 44 black diamonds and a total carat weight of 0.80ct. The flat design of this 8k white gold wedding band holds each round black diamond in a channel setting that surrounds the entirety of the band.

Moreover, this specific design is produced through a unique tube process, making it not only comfortable, but stronger and more durable.

It is sold through Gregory’s Jewellers and is available here for $7,000.


Avalon Eternity Diamond Wedding Ring

RRP AU$4,725

The Avalon eternity diamond wedding band has a total carat weight of 2.5ct, with dazzling diamonds wrapping around each side of this highly-polished 18k white-gold classically styled band. For added comfort, the inside edge has been rounded. It retails for AU$4,725 and is available at Brilliant Earth.


Wrapped Around Your Finger

Whether it's his or hers, a wedding band reminds you of your union, the vows you exchanged, and the love you share. It should reflect both your style and your individuality. So when it comes to finding the perfect band for that left-ring finger, consider what suits your style. If it’s diamonds that you want, then go for it. Choose whatever speaks to you, and if you need more, read our Guide to Diamond Wedding Bands. It will help you to choose between the right metal and diamond settings to express your individuality.

And remember, just as you would insure your wife’s engagement ring, take care to insure your own. It’s an investment after all, both financially and emotionally.

JewelCover is there to give you peace of mind with standalone jewellery insurance - specialised protection at an affordable price.

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