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Got the Ring? 5 Sparkling Reasons to Hire a Professional Proposal Photographer

Last updated on March 09, 2023

The instant you are asked for your hand in marriage will be one of the most memorable moments of your life. And as with most sentimental moments, when you're caught up in a whirlwind of emotion, they pass by too quickly. 

Of course, you'll never forget the will you marry me? And the response that followed, but will you remember how they looked at you, the way you jumped in excitement, caught off guard? Probably not. We recommend that you hire a professional proposal photographer to capture those moments, the ones unique to you and yours, so that you can reflect and relive the moment whenever you feel like it.

If that isn't reason enough, here are some more reasons why hiring a professional proposal photographer should be on your to-do list.

1. Memories

I've found that the old idiom ‘time flies when you're having fun’, is especially true when it comes to two things:, marriage and babies. Two iconic milestones that initiate feelings of happiness and excitement. Moments you're so busy enjoying that you barely notice the minutes, hours, days, months and years passing you by––and that's precisely how it should be. Hiring a photographer to capture your special moment is the only way to go.

You'll want to remember this moment in its entirety and not just at the exclamation of ‘yes!’ Engaging a proposal photographer (no pun intended) will ensure you have beautiful photographs to enjoy, share with friends and family, and look at for years to come. They'll be there to capture the moment in all its aspects, reminding you of forgotten little details.

2. When Photos Are More Than Photos

Proposal. Engagement. Wedding. And if you include bridal showers, bucks nights and hen's nights, the events attached to your upcoming nuptials are seemingly endless. During such an exciting time, you'll undoubtedly put every effort into preparing for each and every celebration. You'll want candid moments captured, and although there'll be some cute ones on cousin Stacey's iPhone, they won't quite do if you need them for future invites, thank you cards or signing boards. A proposal photographer will give you a wide array of images to choose from.

In short, the mileage of your proposal photo shoot is endless: social media, engagement party invitations, thank you cards, displayed prints in your home––whatever the need, you won't ever have to use the same photo again. 

3. The Engagement Ring Flash

As Instagram would have it, it’s all about the money shot. The ultimately perfect photo of your dazzling diamond engagement ring. And if there’s one thing you can guarantee about your proposal, all your family and friends will want to see the ring.

Enter: the professional proposal photographer capturing your brand new sparkler in all her glory, perfectly framed and perfectly lit, ready and waiting for the oohs and aahs: one less worry, one more moment to enjoy.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

If anything, think of it as practice for the big day. Your wedding day will be filled with lots of smiles and happy tears and will be captured by your wedding photographer, allowing you to enjoy the moment, while also being acutely aware that your reactions will be forever immortalised in your future wedding album. Having a proposal photographer gives you the perfect opportunity to practice your game face.

Another great aspect is that you can consider this opportunity a trial run. If you like their work, why not book them for the big day?

It’s a Wrap

You now know you want a proposal photographer, but what if your fiancé doesn't book one? Easy, we've armed you with the knowledge. Either have a discussion along the lines of: One day when we get engaged, I think we should have... ––you get the drift, or subtly forward them this blog and hope that they catch on.

Tips for the Groom or Bride-to-Be

Once you’re aware of what your fiancé wants, you'll need to plan. Research online, and don't forget to read reviews. Ask the right questions, from pricing to how you'll receive the images and everything in between. At the same time, share your expectations with your proposed photographer and what you hope to achieve.

Forward-thinking and Photo-Driven

There is always the option of having a photo shoot together as a couple. This may be perfect if you're after staged photos of the two of you and a close-up of that ever-so-sparkly diamond engagement ring.

The Ultimate Proposal

Like most significant events, to-do lists are forever long. Once the proposal has been made and accepted and it's time to move on to the next task, don't forget to check off your engagement ring insurance. You'll want to protect your investment and the heart of your significant other.

You'll get peace of mind with JewelCover jewellery insurance, specialised and affordable, allowing your loved one to wear it more and worry less.

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