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Good Habits, Bad Habits: How to Never Lose Your Engagement Ring

Last updated on January 19, 2021

Most people are strangers to fine jewellery until the big proposal. Then, suddenly, you find yourself the caretaker of an expensive, precious treasure. And not only did your partner spend a wad of cash on that bling, but it also has serious sentimental value.

You’ve got one job: not to lose that ring! The key to keeping it safe is developing good habits and getting rid of bad ones. We’ve put together a list of essential habits for protecting your rock.


Good Habits (Adopt These Today!)

At first, these habits might be difficult to remember. But they’ll soon become second-nature, and you’ll protect your sparkler, even when you’re not thinking about it.

Size It Immediately

A new engagement causes a flurry of activity. You’ve got to spread the good news, meet with a wedding planner and perfect your Pinterest boards. But before you get too sidetracked, give that ring a bit of attention. If it doesn’t fit perfectly, get it resized.

A too-big ring is in constant peril of slipping off your finger. When you’re cold, rings have more wiggle room, and one bump or jolt can send your sparkler flying. Avoid tragedy by resizing your ring immediately if it doesn’t fit just right.

Jewellers resize rings all the time. Some include resizing with the purchase of an engagement ring. But even if you have to pay extra, the cost is typically minimal, and it’s well worth the price.

Scatter Ring Dishes Around the House

Many activities are incompatible with fine jewellery. For example, harsh cleaning chemicals can damage the finish on some engagement rings. Plunging your hands into pillowy bread dough creates a sticky mess of your diamond’s prongs.

Instead of removing your ring and setting it on a kitchen counter or a bathroom sink, always place it carefully in a ring dish. And since you probably need to remove your ring several times a day, place ring dishes strategically around your house. Consider the following locations:

  • On your bedside table

  • In your kitchen

  • In the bathroom

If you often remove your ring in another location, place a ring dish there as well. The last thing you need is to watch your clatter down a drain.

Use a Safe When Staying in a Hotel

Travelling with jewellery comes with risks, but you can protect your ring by using a safe when you stay in a hotel. Ready for a day at the beach? Before you grab your towel and slather on some sunscreen, place your ring in a safe. Don’t leave it in your room; too many people pass in and out. If your room doesn’t come with a safe, talk to the concierge about using the hotel safe.

Keep Your Engagement Ring Insurance Policy Current

Even with excellent habits, the unexpected sometimes happens. Fortunately, specialised jewellery insurance can make things right on days when everything has gone wrong.

Our JewelCover engagement ring policy covers loss, theft and even damage. If your ring suffers a cracks under the weight of your dumbbells or falls prey to a thief, we’ll restore it to you; it will be as if the tragedy never happened.

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Bad Habits (Ban Them!)

Now that we’ve covered some good habits, let’s talk about the bad. Break yourself of these habits, so you don’t lose your sparkler.

Wearing it While Swimming

If your ring fits well, you might think it’s acceptable to leave it on all the time. But fingers don’t always stay the same size. When you’re swimming, for instance, your fingers shrink. Why? To keep your body warm, your blood vessels constrict, reducing the flow of blood to your skin. Suddenly, your ring is too big, and it might slip off into the deep.

Wearing it During Certain Sports

Before you head off to the tennis court, take off your engagement ring and store it in a safe place. Racquet sports and golf can be dangerous because of the equipment and flinging motions. Weightlifting can scratch your ring, and contact sports like volleyball and basketball can damage the prongs. Don’t get into the habit of wearing your ring for these sports.

Taking it Off in Public

Your friends may want to take a closer look at your ring or try it on their own hands, but every time you take off your ring in public, you put it at risk. Likewise, avoid setting your ring on the edge of a sink in a public bathroom. What if you get distracted and walk away before you put it back on?

Wearing it While Cleaning

Cleaning is a terrific habit, but wearing your ring while cleaning is not. Grimy gunk can lodge in the prongs, and harsh chemicals can react with precious metals. If you don’t have time to remove your ring and stow it in a safe place, wear protective gloves to keep your sparkler shiny and new.

Right from the start, establish good ring habits and ban the bad. Excellent habits can lead to a lifetime of enjoyment. And if you’re looking for the ultimate peace of mind, insure your engagement ring with affordable, specialised jewellery insurance. Check our prices today!

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