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Emerald Cuts & Sustainability - 10 Engagement Ring Trends in 2020

Last updated on March 06, 2023

This engagement season, prepare to see loads of colour, emerald-cut gems and nods to sustainability. Solitaires are back in a big way, and vintage-inspired designs hearken to the glamour of days gone by.

Expect to see the following ten trends as you explore engagement rings in 2020. With so many exciting designs on the market, your challenge will be choosing just one.


10 Engagement Ring Trends:

  1. Two-Stone Rings
  2. Georgian-Inspired Designs
  3. Organic-Inspired Engravings
  4. Emerald-Cut Gems
  5. Sustainability
  6. More Colour
  7. Unconventional Metals
  8. Classic Solitaires
  9. Oval-Shaped Diamonds
  10. Hidden Halos


1 - Two-Stone Rings

Two-stone engagement rings are having a moment. Emily Ratajkowski stunned Instagram with a shot of her self-designed engagement ring, a large tilted pear diamond contrasted by a smaller princess cut stone. The slightly mismatched bling is resonating with brides everywhere, who seem drawn to the off-kilter aesthetic. Part of the appeal appears to be creating architectural masterpieces out of two incongruous rocks.


2 - Georgian-Inspired Designs

It’s rare to find Georgian-era (1714-1837) jewellery in good condition, but the styles created during this burgeoning period continue to inspire designers today. The Georgian era introduced the rose cut diamond, pearl accents and cluster settings, all of which are experiencing a revival in 2020.


3 - Organic-Inspired Engravings

Perfect for free spirits who enjoy being outdoors, organic-inspired engravings lend a romantic, Bohemian flavour to engagement rings. From tiny flowers to leaf-like texture, engagement rings are getting custom treatment from talented jewellers and designers.


4 - Emerald-Cut Gems

A staple during the Art Deco era, the emerald-cut diamond is making a comeback in a significant way. This cut flaunts an elongated, rectangular shape and chiselled step cuts. Its straight, linear facets are typically arranged in parallel lines down the stone. Adding to the cut’s appeal (and providing stability), the corners are usually cropped. For a particularly modern look, turn an emerald-cut gem 90 degrees for a unique East-West setting.

Baguettes are a great addition to an emerald-cut diamond as they continue the stair-step effect to create a geometric look that feels sophisticated and elegant.


5 - Sustainability

As the younger Millennials and older Gen Z’s prepare to tie the knot, we see a pivot toward greater transparency and sustainability in engagement rings. They want to align their values with the brands they purchase tell stories of sustainability as they talk about their rings.


6 - More Colour

In recent years, we’ve seen timid steps toward colour in engagement rings. Canary and fancy-yellow diamonds are nothing new. But in 2020, expect a joyful leap into the world of vibrant colour. Expect to see more blues, purples, pinks and even greens on the hands of chic brides-to-be. Pops of colour show up in accent stones, paves and even solitaires for a wow factor that’s hard to beat.


7 - Unconventional Metals

Colourless diamonds and silvery platinum say “bridal,” but what if the bride doesn’t love convention? Unusual bridal metals like blackened platinum, rose gold and sterling silver add interest and drama to engagement rings. This year’s most intriguing engagement rings combine several metals into one eye-catching design.


8 - Classic Solitaires

The minimalist solitaire has played second fiddle to the halo over the past few engagement seasons, but in 2020, the classic solitaire is back. This style is perfect for brides who want a timeless ring that won’t fall out of style. For extra bling, consider a band set with pave stones instead of a crisp, clean band of white or yellow gold.

A solitaire doesn’t have to be conventional, however. If you want to spice up a solitaire, choose a fancy diamond shape, such as an oval or marquise. You could also give it modern zest with a bezel or half-bezel setting.


9 - Oval-Shaped Diamonds

Pears trended over the past couple of seasons, but they’re now declining in popularity. In 2020, expect oval-shaped diamonds to move into the spotlight. Blake Lively skyrocketed this trend, and other celebrities (think Hailey Bieber and Sarah Hyland) have enhanced its favour. Ovals wear their carat weight well and flatter most finger shapes.


10 - Hidden Halos

From above, you can’t see a hidden halo. From the side (the angle at which brides most often see their engagement rings), they’re clearly visible. A hidden halo is a lovely surprise for the bride, and that’s what makes it so appealing. By decorating the structural part of the ring, the jeweller adds sparkle and whimsy to an otherwise standard setting.

There’s no doubt about it: 2020 is an excellent time to shop for engagement rings. With trends like these, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. And when you find it, insure it with JewelCover engagement ring insurance. Get a free quote to find out how affordable it can be to protect your treasures.


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