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Choosing The Perfect Diamond Shape For An Engagement Ring

Last updated on April 09, 2024

    Different Diamond Shapes For Engagement Rings

1. Round Shape Diamond, high price, classic style
2. Emerald Shape Diamond, medium price, glamourous style
3. Princess Shape Diamond, medium price, feminine style
4. Asscher Shape Diamondmedium price, charming style 
5. Marquise Shape Diamondmedium price, dramatic style 
6. Cushion Shape Diamond, medium price, romantic style
7. Pear Shaped Diamond, high price, adventurous style
8. Heart Shaped Diamond, medium to low price, sentimental style 
9. Oval Shape Diamond, high price, innovative style 
10. Radiant Shape Diamond, medium price, vivacious style


Those gorgeous sparklers. They come in ovals, pears, emeralds, cushions, Asschers, princesses, radiants, hearts, marquise, and of course, rounds. Each diamond shape captures a mood and says something about the wearer’s personality. While it’s smart to consider affordability tradeoffs for different diamond shapes, ultimately, you’ll want to choose a shape that you feel a connection to and genuinely love.


Before you start thinking about clarity, cut, colour and carat, you should decide on a diamond shape because it will influence every other factor: setting, size and so forth. In this post, we’ll take a close look at the ten common diamond shapes. Keep in mind that some shapes, especially those with pointed corners, are more vulnerable to damage.


Explore the many beautiful shapes available today, and find the perfect stone for your engagement ring. With your shape chosen, you’ll be one step closer to finding that perfect engagement ring.


Round Shape Diamond

Reputation: Classic
Price Range: High

Also known as “brilliant” or “Round Brilliant Cut” (RBC), these diamonds make up roughly 60% of all the diamonds sold! Clearly, they’re popular, and for good reason. With 58 precision facets, light bounces from the bottom of the diamond up through the top, giving it irrepressible sparkle. What’s more, round diamonds are versatile and timeless, fitting effortlessly into all kinds of settings. If you’re searching for a sparkler, this is it.


Emerald Shape Diamond

Reputation: Glamourous
Price Range: Medium

When you think of the golden age of Hollywood or the guests at Jay Gatsby’s soirees, you think of emerald diamonds. Rectangular in shape, and cut with long, elegant facets down the sides, emerald diamonds have a stair-step look to them, perfect for the Art Deco age in which they were created. Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly both received emerald-shaped diamonds from their fiances. If you’re hoping to epitomise old-world glamour, this is your diamond.


Princess Shape Diamond

Reputation: Feminine
Price Range: Medium

Invented in 1961 by London-based jewellery designer Arpad Nagy, the princess shape is flirty and fun, full of sparkle and perfect for girly girls. Square or rectangular in shape, princess diamonds have anywhere between 49 to 144 cuts, depending on the stone’s size. Maybe it’s because this cut is so dazzling, or perhaps it’s because the pointed corners catch the eye. Whatever the reason, princess diamonds are the second most popular shape for engagement rings.


Asscher Shape Diamond

Reputation: Charming
Price Range: Medium

Similar to emerald shapes, Asscher diamonds have the Art Deco stepped appearance, but this shape is square instead of rectangular, and the edges are clipped, sometimes so severely that it appears octagonal. Created by Dutch brothers Joseph and Abraham Asscher in 1902, this shape enjoyed incredible popularity up until the 1930s. Recently, the Asscher shape has experienced a revival, especially among brides with a penchant for vintage styles.

The Asscher family still polishes diamonds today.


Marquise Shape Diamond

Reputation: Dramatic
Price Range: Medium

With their sweeping curves and dramatic points, marquise diamonds elicit visions of Louis XIV, who reportedly named the diamond shape after his mistress’s smile. First appearing in the 18th century, marquise diamonds look larger than they actually are, giving you more carats for your buck. They also make fingers look longer and slimmer, due to their svelte design. If you want to insert a bit of opulence into your daily life, this shape is for you.


Cushion Shape Diamond

Reputation: Romantic
Price Range: Medium

Also called a pillow cut, cushion diamonds look like rectangles with rounded corners. They also have larger facets, which increase their brilliance and highlight their clarity. Because of the intricacy of the cuts, cushion shapes are not easily executed on smaller stones. A hundred years ago, this shape was called the “mine cut,” named after the Brazilian diamond mines. Because this shape hearkens back to an age of romance and elegance, it’s perfect for a bride with old-fashioned, romantic ideals.


Pear Shape Diamond

Reputation: Adventurous
Price Range: High

Asymmetrical diamond shapes are rare, and therefore, they’re ideal for brides with a fun sense of adventure. Although pear diamonds tend to seem fashion-forward, they’ve actually been around for centuries. In fact, Belgian diamond cutter Lodewyk van Berquem fashioned the pear shape way back in 1458. Also the inventor of the diamond-polishing wheel, van Berquem had an eye for sparkle, and the pear shape shows it. It’s impressive, eye-catching and brilliant.


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Heart Shape Diamond

Reputation: Sentimental
Price Range: Medium to Low

Novice diamond cutters shiver when they think about tackling this shape. For such a modern-appearing diamond, hearts have a long, long history. The Duke of Milan mentioned it in a letter dated 1463, and Mary Queen of Scots sent a heart-shaped diamond to her cousin Queen Elizabeth in 1562. Today, heart diamonds continue the heartfelt tradition of painstakingly cutting sentimentality into precious stones. Since they’re so unique and intricately shaped, they can stand alone as solitaires for treasured engagement rings.


Oval Shape Diamond

Reputation: Innovative
Price Range: High

A relative newcomer, oval-shaped diamonds have been making splashes since the 1960s for several important reasons. First, like marquise diamonds, they appear large for their carat weight. Second, their long slender shape looks both dramatic and elegant on engagement rings. Third, the shape of the facets maximises brilliance and sparkle, suitable for a bride who prefers bling. If you like round diamonds but want something unique, try an oval.


Radiant Shape Diamond

Reputation: Vivacious
Price Range: Medium

In shorter supply than many other shapes, radiant diamonds suit bubbly, outgoing brides. Why? They combine a unique octagonal shape with 70 shimmering facets. Designed by Henry Grossbard in 1977, the radiant shape is the new kid on the block, but this new kid knows how to make friends! Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Lopez, Megan Fox and Khloe Kardashian all wear stunning, radiant engagement rings, and you can too!


Whatever diamond shape you choose, make sure you cover it with JewelCover jewellery insurance. Wear your diamond engagement ring with confidence, knowing it will be replaced or repaired if necessary.


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