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22 Years of Engagement Ring Trends (2002-2024)

Last updated on February 19, 2024

Engagement rings became popular in the mid-1900s after a British Diamond company coined the term ‘diamonds are forever,' which became synonymous with engagement rings being the symbol of everlasting love when you ask your fiance to marry you.

Engagement ring trends have spanned centuries and generations, but how have they changed in the past 20 years? Let’s deep dive into the most significant engagement ring trends of the past and see which ones have stood the test of time.


2002: Platinum Rings

Gold and silver are usually the most prominent metals used for engagement rings, but in 2002, platinum rings were the trendiest addition to anyone's finger. Platinum is a rare metal with one of the highest purity rates, meaning they're one of the most durable precious metals out there, perfect for symbolising forever love. Platinum rings are bright, light and perfect for everyday wear.

Platinum ring

2003: Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds have a strong, rectangular shape with cropped corners. Emerald cut rings are bold yet elegant. It is thought that wearers of the emerald cut have a strong sense of self. A beautiful example of this vintage-inspired cut is this French Pave Diamond Ring.

Emerald cut ring


2004: Extra Bling

In 2004, the hottest trend was sporting a finger with the biggest and brightest diamond one could buy. Diamonds with excellent brilliance were much sought after. The more brilliance, the more expensive the diamond. Take this Platinum Pear-Shaped Claw Ring.

diamond ring


2005: Cushion-Cut Diamonds

Old-world glamour returned to the trend with ladies sporting timeless cushion-cut diamond rings. Cushion cut was once referred to as the ‘old mine cut’, as these diamonds used to be cut and polished by hand. These exquisite and simple shapes are timeless, as seen on this Twisted Diamond Engagement Band.


2006: Bezel Setting

Bezel set rings became all the rage in the middle to end of the 2000s, with a more protective set for those precious diamonds. This simple and sleek design is great for engagement bands that house non-traditional gemstones that might be more susceptible to wear and tear. Stylings like this Brilliant Cut Bezel Ring are timeless.


Bezel cut ring


2007: Pavé Settings

Meaning ‘paved’ in French, this elegant ring style resembles the city of love’s cobblestone streets. It’s a way to add extra bling to an extra special ring. This style is elegant while being quietly brilliant.

Pave ring

2008: Wide-Band Solitaires

Wide Band Solitaire proves that engagement rings can be comfortable and stylish. These rings host a wider band but don’t lose the dainty quality of a beautiful engagement ring. This Glamira ring is so beautiful and can house a range of cuts, gems and settings. 

wide band engagement ring

2009: Seeing Green

In 2009 diamond engagement ring trends got a bit of a break, and the most desired gemstone on the market became the emerald. This deep green gemstone was thought to be a favourite of Venus, the Goddess of Love. With sweeping hues like this Emerald Diamond Cluster Ring, it’s not hard to see why they are the alternative favourite to diamonds. 

emerald diamond


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2010: Sculptural Silhouettes

The new decade brought a change in the air; engagement bands stopped being simple and straight, and adding a little excitement to the ring's silhouette was all the rage. Rings added an elegant flair like this beautiful Twist Bezel Ring.

twisted bezel ring

2011: Classic Halo

These beautiful rings have elements of timeless style with a little bit of flair. Classic diamond halo rings became sought after because you could add a little extra sparkle without compromising the ring's integrity; still keeping the traditional chic style of an engagement ring.

Halo ring

2012: Vintage Influence

There seemed to be a sense of nostalgia that came with the year 2012. Engagement rings started drawing inspiration from antiques like this round brilliant cut diamond ring in a claw setting. Rings like these are timeless and reminiscent of family heirlooms and old love stories,  making them popular amongst new brides-to-be.

vintage ring

2013: Nature-Inspired

Continuing the nostalgic trend, the 2013 engagement ring trend took inspiration from nature. Gorgeous gemstones cradled by bands of vine and leaf gave a very earthy feel to engagement rings, making them the perfect handcrafted expression of your forever love. This nature-inspired ring is like a breath of fresh air for engagement rings.


nature inspired purple ring


2014: Twisting Bands

Nature-inspired trends gave way to twisted bands. This elegant twist (excuse the pun) on classic engagement rings adds a little extra chic with gorgeous bands encircling a gemstone that catches the eye and the heart. Draw inspiration from this Diamond Twist Engagement Ring


twisting bands


2015: Intricate Haloes

Halo trends reemerged in 2015 but with a more intricate and elegant flair. Intricate halos boldly encircle the centrepiece gemstone and can range from a diamond band to textured bands. Take this Intricate Semi-Halo Engagement Ring with its three-stone design and a beautiful, shimmery band of diamonds. 

halo ring


2016: Coloured Stones

2016 was the year of colour. Brides-to-be became bold and stepped out of the traditional diamond box. Gemstones of all colours: blues, reds, greens, purples and yellow can be seen on a range of engagement rings. Gemstones are a great way to personalise an engagement ring. Take this Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring, and let the beautiful hues express your love. 




2017: Rose Gold

Rose gold is made by combining yellow gold and copper to create this genuinely romantic, pinkish colour that makes a perfect symbol for your forever love. Rose gold can be seen as refined, composed and modern. This eye-catching colour is an ideal metal to create a unique engagement ring, as seen on this Hand Engraved Princess Cut Diamond Ring.


Rose gold ring


2018: Oval & Pear Shapes

Oval and pear-shaped rings appear more prominent than other diamond cuts because of their rounded edges and the way they catch in the light. Oval-shaped diamonds can symbolise rebirth, while pear shapes symbolise independence and empowerment. These unique shapes can add a touch of chic to your engagement ring, like this Platinum Oval Engagement Ring.

oval diamond

2019: Trilogy Designs

As they say, good things come in threes, which is valid for the engagement rings with trilogy stones. In 2019 the engagement ring trends decided that more was better and that the beautiful symbol of the three-stone ring was perfect for loved ones. The three stones are said to represent the past, present and future and are a symbol for your forever love.

Three stone


2020: Hidden Details

2020 was the year of hidden details. Engagement rings that show elegance and style from all angles were the hottest thing to give to your loved one. Take this Vintage-Inspired Engagement ring; from afar, it looks like a beautiful engagement ring, but up close, the details are truly dazzling. 

Vintage ring

2021: Comebacks

2021 made everyone nostalgic for an array of reasons which definitely reflect the engagement ring trend of ‘the comeback’. Different to vintage-inspired rings, the 2021 trends encompassed any and all trends from the past. Engagement rings became an expression of love and originality, and whatever your style, the ring was yours. See this White Gold Regal Framed Diamond Ring.

white gold diamond ring


2022: Mixed Cuts

The celebrity world was rocked with combination cut rings that changed into everyday trends. Mixed-cut rings allow each shape of the diamond to stand out; the combination of styles is truly unique and a great way to add a little touch of class to an engagement ring. See for yourself how elegant and interesting these rings are.


mixed cut ring

2023: The Return of Gemstones

2023 saw the rising popularity of gemstone engagement rings, with couples increasingly opting for vibrant and unique hues. Sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and other colourful gemstones made a bold statement, adding a personalised touch to the symbolic ring. The trend reflects a desire for individuality and self-expression in engagement ring choices.


2024: Mixed Metals

The trend of mixed metals takes centre stage in 2024's engagement ring choices. Couples are opting for unique combinations like rose gold with platinum or yellow gold paired with white gold, adding a modern twist to traditional designs. It reflects a departure from convention as couples seek distinctive expressions of love through the artful combination of metals in their engagement rings.


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