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20 Proposal Locations in Australia for Outdoor Couples

Last updated on July 19, 2024

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Ready to pop the question? Forget the rom-com clichés of grand public gestures!

Many couples dream of a more intimate proposal, just the two of you, surrounded by nature. 

And where better to do it than in Australia, home to some of the world’s most breathtaking outdoor spots? 

We’ve created a list of the best proposal locations, perfect for nature-loving couples who prefer the path less travelled.

Get set to make your engagement unforgettable in the great Aussie outdoors!


1. Great Sandy National Park, Queensland

cars on beachGreat Sandy is famous for its colourful sands that stretch along the coastline. But that’s not all. 

With lush forests, wildflower heaths, and towering sand dunes, it’s no wonder it’s considered one of the best spots to propose in Australia. 

Set out on one of the many scenic tracks, perhaps the picturesque Lake McKenzie track, where the clear waters and white sand create a stunning setting. 

Maybe you could plan a sunset picnic at Indian Head with panoramic ocean views, or book a romantic kayak trip to possibly see dolphins around Double Island Point. 

Whatever proposal idea you choose, the stunning natural scenery of Great Sandy will be your backdrop to an unforgettable proposal.


2. The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

If both of you love nothing more than a scenic road trip together, then pack the car and get ready for the thrill of the Great Ocean Road

From Bells Beach to Apollo Bay and the Twelve Apostles, there are so many things to see and do and great places to propose on this stunning stretch of highway. 

Cruise along this winding road, enjoy a hike along the Great Ocean Walk or to Teddy’s Lookout, and enjoy the starry skies alone on the beach at night. 

This highway showcases some of the best that Australia has to offer and is unsurprisingly considered one of the best proposal locations for Aussies in love!


3. Sublime Point Track, Blue Mountains

woman on hikeThe name says it all! Sublime Point Track offers breathtaking views of the Jamison Valley, lush eucalypt forests and steep cliff faces.

Although it's a popular spot, the trail has many quiet spots to enjoy an intimate moment. Early mornings or late afternoons are ideal times to find them.

The lookout at Sublime Point provides one of the most spectacular viewpoints in the Blue Mountains, making it an unforgettable backdrop for a proposal.

Pack a picnic of local delicacies, find a great place to propose in the dawn sunlight and pop the question to your sweetheart. How romantic!


4. Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, Cradle Mountain provides a rugged and beautiful landscape that is perfect for nature lovers. 

The area around Dove Lake, with Cradle Mountain in the background, is particularly picturesque and ideal for a memorable proposal.

With plenty of beautiful accommodation throughout the region, why not plan a long weekend getaway together, including fine dining at the renowned Highland Restaurant?


5. Mitchell Falls, Western Australia

waterfallLocated in the remote Kimberley region, Mitchell Falls features an iconic four-tiered waterfall. 

Accessing this spectacular site involves a fairly strenuous hike, making it a great place to propose for the more adventurous outdoor couples! 

One advantage of this challenge is that Mitchell Falls is rarely busy, meaning if you time it right, you could enjoy this stunning site all to yourself. 

With a campground located close to the falls, why not plan the ultimate camping experience and unforgettable proposal at this must-see waterfall?


6. Blue Lake, South Australia

Famous for its dazzling blue colour, Blue Lake in Mount Gambier is best seen best during the summer months from December to March. 

Its vibrant colour is caused by seasonal shifts in the water temperature, and certainly adds a touch of magic to any moment, particularly an engagement! 

Surrounding the lake are scenic walking trails offering the best spots to propose in the region, providing a view of the lake's stunning waters. 

Propose on one of the lookout points overlooking the lake for the perfect moment or smuggle away a bottle of champagne to pop at the water's edge.


7. Rottnest Island, Western Australia


Even if you’ve never visited Rottnest Island, you’ve almost certainly seen pictures on social media. The island is famous for its friendly quokkas, who love posing for photos!

In addition to these cuddly critters, you’ll also find white sand beaches and clear blue waters that are perfect for diving and snorkelling and filled with great places to propose.

Visitors often remark that Rottnest Island has a particularly laid-back vibe. So, if you want to get away from it all and indulge in a restful and relaxing getaway in preparation for the big moment, this is the best place to propose. 

Remember to check out Lontara at Samphire Rottnes for a delicious array of fresh local seafood and one of the best views of the beautiful Thomson Bay.


8. The Gap and Natural Bridge, Albany, Western Australia

Searching for a dramatic proposal idea in Australia? 

The Gap and Natural Bridge will deliver plenty of emotion, with stunning views of the southern ocean and waves crashing against the massive, weather-sculpted cliffs!

This unique geological wonder was created by erosion from the waves over time. In fact, the granite structures are estimated to be 1.5 billion years old. How’s that for some history?

The Gap and Bridge is the perfect symbol of your enduring relationship. Why not include this in your proposal speech? You can thank us later!


9. The Pinnacles, Western Australia

desert hike

How about something truly out of this world? The Pinnacles is a destination unlike any other. 

Here, you’ll find thousands of limestone spires that rise mysteriously out of the yellow desert sand. 

They date back millions of years, and while no one is certain how they came to be, one theory suggests they were formed from seashells in an earlier era when the area was rich in marine life. 

One more particularly mystical part of the landscape is that it dramatically changes appearance as the sunlight moves throughout the day and seasons. 

This creates a stunning play of shadows and colours making it ideal for photography, so you can capture the perfect snap after your partner says yes! 

All of this makes The Pinnacles one of the most magical and romantic places in Australia.


10. Daylesford, Victoria

The favourite retreat of Melbourne couples seeking to escape the city, Daylesford is packed with outdoor adventures and some of the most romantic spots in Australia. 

Explore this unique geothermal region with scenic hikes across the Macedon Ranges, indulge in the mineral waters and spa treatments at Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa, and enjoy the fresh and flavoursome tasting menu at Sault Restaurant

Daylesford is famous for its relaxed atmosphere, quaint accommodations and romantic atmosphere, making it one of the best proposal locations in Australia by far!


11. Jenolan Caves, New South Wales

Jenolan CaveWhile a cave might not be the first place that comes to mind as one of the best proposal locations in Australia, Jenolan Caves will make you reconsider! 

This destination is renowned as one of the world's oldest known cave systems and is home to spectacular limestone formations and tranquil underground rivers.

With an unforgettable journey into these ancient caves, this has got to be one of the best places to propose for the most adventurous couples only!

Create the perfect proposal and pop the question under the Cathedral Chamber, famous for its breathtaking acoustics and mystical ambience.


12. Tarkine Rainforest, Tasmania

As one of Australia's largest temperate rainforests, Tarkine Rainforest offers a pristine and secluded setting for a romantic proposal.

It’s a lush, green and expansive wilderness, allowing you to enjoy complete privacy surrounded by ancient forests and rich biodiversity.

To complete the experience, consider booking a cabin at the nearby Corinna Wilderness Experience, which provides cozy, eco-friendly accommodations right at the heart of this untouched landscape.

Wake up to the sounds of the forest, explore this natural beauty with a magnificent hike, and enjoy this magical moment in the great outdoors.


13. Bamurru Plains, Northern Territory

termite mounds

The best proposal locations don’t all have to involve a rugged hike! There are plenty of outdoor locations where you can relax and unwind together. 

Bamurru Plains blends the excitement of the great outdoors with luxurious accommodation. This all-inclusive Australian safari camp is located in the Northern Territory’s tropical Top End. 

For an off-grid destination is located on a water buffalo station across an expanse of 300 square kilometres.

It’s also home to one of the largest crocodile populations in the world and the annual migration of over one hundred thousand magpie geese.

It’s an incredible sight and sound to see and certainly one of the best proposal locations for outdoor couples.


14. Hobart Harbour, Tasmania

Hobart Harbour, on Tasmania's Derwent River perhaps best known as the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race finish line. But there’s so much more to see!

Take a stroll down to Salamanca Place, bustling with historic architecture, outstanding restaurants and great places to propose.

Once you’ve enjoyed the harbour, explore nearby scenic hikes like the Mount Wellington Summit or enjoy water activities along the river. 

You could even time your proposal trip for the infamous Dark Mofo, the annual mid-winter arts and culture festival hosted by the Museum of Old and New Art. 


15. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands

island beachOffering 7 kilometres of pristine white silica sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters, Whitehaven Beach gives you the space you need for a private, picturesque proposal.

It's a secluded paradise perfect for outdoor couples and nature lovers, with plenty of proposal ideas waiting for you.

Why not plan a sunrise beach stroll, where the morning light is the perfect backdrop for your special moment? 

For a more intimate setting, consider a gourmet picnic at Hill Inlet, where the tides create stunning sand patterns.

Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, arrange a scenic helicopter tour to pop the question with an unforgettable aerial view of the coral reefs below.


16. Canowindra, New South Wales

While its many picturesque wineries and restaurants often steal the show, the most romantic experience of Canowindra is by hot air balloon! 

Experience an unforgettable hot air balloon ride over the historic town and the scenic Belubula Valley, filled with rolling green hills and rural charm. 

Plan your ascent at dawn to enjoy the stunning scenery to see why this region is considered one of the most romantic places in Australia and enjoy a marriage proposal among the clouds.


17. Adelaide Botanic Garden, Adelaide

big tree

Don’t want to venture too far from home? There’s plenty of stunning scenery to be found in the city. The Adelaide Botanical Garden is the perfect example. 

Not only are the gardens filled with stunning trees, historical buildings and native flora, but it’s also filled with plenty of secret hideaways, making it one of the best spots to propose in the city. 

If your partner is an outdoor type and a lover of flowers, present them with a beautiful bouquet of Australian natives and pop the question surrounded by the sound of the trees and the hum of bees. What could be better than this?


18. Coral Bay, Western Australia

Immerse yourself in the crustal clear water of Coral Bay and you’ll see why this is a great place to propose for lovers of diving and snorkelling. 

As the name suggests, this region is home to some of the most stunning coral reefs anywhere in Australia. 

Imagine proposing while swimming alongside majestic manta rays and friendly reef sharks!

The vibrant coral and marine life create a magical underwater world, making it an unforgettable destination and one of the best places to propose. 

Choose a secluded spot like Paradise Beach, or think of an imaginative way to pop the question underwater!


19. Mount Kosciuszko, New South Wales

mountain riverMount Kosciuszko delivers a majestic setting for your proposal atop Australia's highest peak! 

Adventurous outdoor couples can make the journey to the summit via a scenic chairlift ride or a moderate hike, both of which offer expansive views of the stunning Snowy Mountains. 

Proposing at the peak perfectly represents scaling heights and conquering goals together as a couple. 

And don’t forget the truly memorable backdrop, perfect for those who share an enduring love for adventure and nature.


20. Uluru, Northern Territory

No list of the best proposal locations in Australia would be complete without Uluru

This stunning landmark is infused with indigenous history and significance and is one of the great wonders of the Australian landscape. 

Propose at dawn or dusk when the sunlight illuminates the rock face in the beautiful pastel tones of the Australian outback. 

The tranquillity around Uluru and the starry outback sky make for an awe-inspiring moment, perfect for asking that life-changing question at this iconic Australian destination.

Outdoor Proposals FAQs

What are some romantic beach locations for proposals in Australia?

Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsunday Islands is perfect for a romantic beach proposal with its pristine white sand and clear turquoise waters. Another beautiful spot is Rottnest Island, known for its picturesque beaches and friendly quokkas.

Where can adventurous couples propose in Australia?

Adventurous couples might love proposing at Mitchell Falls in Western Australia, featuring a stunning four-tiered waterfall. Another great option is Mount Kosciuszko in New South Wales, offering breathtaking views from Australia’s highest peak.

What are some unique and secluded proposal spots in Australia?

For a unique and secluded proposal, consider the Tarkine Rainforest in Tasmania, one of Australia’s largest temperate rainforests. Another option is the Pinnacles in Western Australia, where thousands of limestone spires create a dramatic and mystical landscape.


Planned the Perfect Outdoor Proposal? Don’t Forget the Ring! 

This list of the best proposal locations in Australia should have you spoilt for choice!

Indulge in your passion for the great outdoors and celebrate your love for each other and our stunning landscape. What could be more romantic? 

At JewelCover, we love hearing the proposal stories of our customers and their stunning engagement rings. 

We’re also passionate about offering our five-star rated engagement ring insurance in Australia

Providing cover against loss, theft and damage, engagement ring insurance should be a consideration for all you adventurous outdoor couples! 

We make things simple with our online quote calculator. Try it now and get a great price in seconds. 

Once you’ve checked engagement ring insurance off your list, all you have left is the perfect outdoor proposal. Good luck lovebirds!


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