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We love jewellery. And one of our favourite pastimes is tracking engagement ring trends. Over the past twenty years, we’ve seen an array of gorgeous styles, everything from coloured gemstones to sculptural silhouettes. 

Whether you love to be on-trend or you prefer to steer clear of the mainstream, it’s helpful to know what’s driving the markets. Let’s browse through two decades of artistry; what will 2021 bring?


2000: Marquise Diamonds

The marquise trend lasted for several years in the late 1990s, culminating with stunning designs like this Signature Marquise Diamond Solitaire Ring by Temelli Jewellery. Perhaps the most dramatic diamond shape, marquise stones are worthy of the most sophisticated styling.


2001: Halo Settings

Haloes have dominated engagement ring sales for the last two decades, and the trend started early in the millennium. Jewellers create halos in many shapes and varieties. This oval beauty by Fine Lines Jewellers has an elongated style that highlights the diamond’s elegance. 


2002: Platinum and White Gold

Platinum and white gold took centre stage in 2002, leading to a decades-long preference for monochromatic engagement rings. For an iconic example, refer to the Tiffany Ribbon engagement ring, reminiscent of the white bow tied around the blue Tiffany box. Its tension setting allows the centre stone to appear to hover mid-air.


2003: Baguettes

Baguette diamonds rarely take the spotlight, but they do make gorgeous accents. And 2003 saw intricate and innovative use of this diamond cut. If you love baguettes, you’ll appreciate Fairfax & Robert’s platinum oval diamond three-stone engagement ring with tapered baguette-cut diamonds.


2004: Maximum Sparkle

Between pave stones, haloes and baguettes, 2004 was the year of maximum bling. Engagement rings sparkled every which way, just like this cushion-cut yellow diamond solitaire by Martin Rogers Jewellery. 


2005: Cushion-Cut Diamonds

And speaking of cushion-cut diamonds, 2005 hearkened back to Old Hollywood glamour. If you love this iconic diamond shape, look to modern iterations like Shadwick’s white gold scroll four-claw setting with a cushion-cut diamond.


2006: Bezel Styles

Perfect for active lifestyles, bezel settings protect the delicate edges of a diamond. In 2006, brides loved the simple, contemporary look of bezels, and the style still has fans today. Michael Wilson’s Aurelia ring features three full bezel settings to create a geometric, clean, uncomplicated engagement ring.


2007: Pave Settings

Why limit your ring’s sparkle to the centre stone when you can line the band with a bevvy of sweet little diamonds? With some pave settings, identical stones line up in uniform channels. In others, like this Soklich & Co. beauty, the stones gently graduate, accentuating the band’s slope.


2008: Wide-Band Solitaires

Over the past few years, engagement ring bands have been narrow and delicate, but in 2008, wide bands ruled. If you love substantial, luxe bands, you can still find them, like this white gold solitaire engagement ring by Nick Vrettas Jewels.


2009: Seeing Green

Emeralds, peridot, tourmaline and sapphires: 2009 brides went crazy for green gemstones. And who can blame them? It’s not too late to snatch up a romantic, verdant engagement ring. Check out this exotic African green garnet-and-diamond ring by Euphoria. The naturally intense green Tsavorite stone is genuinely mesmerising.


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2010: Sculptural Silhouettes

Simple bands took a backseat to sculptural silhouettes in 2010. Sweeping curves and geometric angles gave character to solitaires of all shapes. Take this princess cut diamond ring from Solid Gold, for instance. Its uniquely flowing band contrasts beautifully with the sharp corners of the princess-cut stone.


2011: Classic Halo

In 2011, classic halo engagement rings were everywhere. Perfect for brides who love their bling, halo rings still turn heads in 2020. Check out Scarlett’s round brilliant-cut halo engagement ring for a classic that will never go out of style.


2012: Vintage Influence

The most charming designs of the past reached out and influenced the trends of 2012. From Art Deco to Edwardian, engagement rings took on an elegant, timeless look, like Pilkington Jewellers’ white gold fancy antique style diamond set band.


2013: Nature-Inspired

Floral motifs, delicate leaves and curving, organic lines trended in 2013 as Mother Nature became a significant influencer on engagement jewellery. The Twisted Leaf ring by Krikawa is a perfect example with its twisted band and delicately-carved leaves cradling the solitaire diamond.


2014: Twisting Bands

The nature-inspired trend of 2013 morphed into twisting bands in 2014. Bands like the one in Angara’s classic solitaire twist shank engagement ring capture a whimsical sense of motion and charm.


2015: Intricate Haloes

2015 saw the rise of distinctive haloes. Enchanting patterns, both elegant and chic, encircle precious gemstones. In Raphael Jewellers’ unique halo engagement ring, old-world charm meets modern brilliance with delicate milgrain detailing. 


2016: Colourful Gemstones

In 2016, brides embraced colour like never before, and emeralds, rubies, sapphires and morganite stole the limelight from traditional diamonds. The Nowra Jeweller combines white diamonds with a 2.91-carat, ocean-blue tanzanite stone to create this otherworldly beauty.


2017: Rose Gold

Undeniably romantic, rose gold seems to be made for weddings. And in 2017, this precious metal (made by combining yellow gold and copper) graced the hands of many future brides. York Jewellers offers a rose gold engagement ring with a singular design. The Salt & Pepper rose gold engagement ring features a semi halo with a bezel-set salt-and-pepper round brilliant-cut diamond. 


2018: Pear and Oval Shapes

Dramatic and eye-catching, pear and oval diamonds appear larger than other diamond shapes with the same carat weight. Add a halo, and you’ve got an impressive bauble, indeed. McLean and Co. Jewellers offer a classic pear halo diamond ring in rose, white or yellow gold, or you can pull out all the stops and go for platinum.


2019: Three-Stone Designs

Meghan Markle’s three-stone engagement ring caused a splash when Prince Harry presented her with an incredible sparkler representing their past, present and future. Jewellers everywhere followed up with creations like this 18-carat white gold ring by Archer & Holland, a delicate take on the three-stone design.


2020: Hidden Details

In a world where everyone knows everything about you, it’s nice to have secrets. And in 2020, hidden details reign supreme. Take this Asscher-cut Moissanite Hidden Halo ring. From the top, it looks like a typical solitaire. But from the wearer’s point of view, it’s a complex piece of jewellery with two rows of pave stones sequestered beneath the show-stopping sparkler.


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