How to Care for Your Luxury Watch

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Maintaining Your Timepiece

Use these luxury watch care tips to keep your prized possession beautiful and functional for generations to come.


Protect from Sunlight

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can lead to colour fading and the drying out of lubricants.

The results impact your watch's appearance and functionality, particularly with older pieces. 

Regularly Wind
Your Watch

Automatic watches need regular winding to
ensure accuracy. The motion of your wrist winds the mainspring. Failing to do so can lead to inaccuracy or even stoppage.

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Remove the Bracelet or Strap

Cleaning your watch becomes significantly more manageable when you detach the bracelet or strap. 

This provides access to hidden, dirt-prone areas like lug interiors and the final link of the bracelet.

Avoid Using Soap

Generally, a damp cloth or brush with water is sufficient for cleaning, unless your watch is extremely dirty. 

For deeper cleaning, consider professional ultrasonic cleaning. The process uses microscopic bubbles that effectively scrub away dirt and grime.

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Finish With a Microfibre Cloth

A soft microfibre cloth is an excellent tool for keeping your watch in pristine condition. 

This non-abrasive material not only effectively removes dust, fingerprints, or smudges without causing scratches, but also absorbs moisture.

Stay Away From Magnets

Magnetic fields can disrupt your watch's timing, causing it to stop. Everyday items like speakers and bag clasps can even be problematic. Avoid placing your watch near any electronic devices.

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Regular Servicing

Much like your car, luxury watches also require regular servicing, typically every 3-5 years, to maintain their optimal functionality.

However, if you notice any signs of damage or changes in performance, it's advisable to seek servicing sooner to prevent further issues.


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