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Discovering your dream engagement ring is an unforgettable experience. But it can also be a daunting one. In this guide, we share the knowledge you need to navigate the world of engagement rings with confidence!

Love Through the Ages

When you wear an engagement ring, you become part of centuries of romantic tradition.

Ancient Origins

Egyptian and Roman rings were used to embody enduring love.

Diamond Beginnings

Diamond rings emerged in the 15th century, symbolising luxury.

Today's Symbolism

Engagement rings signify commitment, love, and tradition.


The 4Cs: Cut, Clarity, Colour, and Carat

The 4Cs are a valuable way to understand the true worth of your diamond engagement ring.

  • Cut: Describes how well a diamond interacts with light, affecting its sparkle.

  • Clarity: Assesses the presence of imperfections, known as inclusions.

  • Colour: Evaluates colour in a diamond, ranging from colourless to tinted.

  • Carat: Measures a diamond's size and value.

Diamond Shapes Demystified

The Round Brilliant is a timeless classic, celebrated for its sparkle and versatile appeal.

The Princess Cut, with its elegant square or rectangular shape, is a choice that adds a touch of sophistication.

The Cushion Cut offers a vintage look, combining softness with elegance, like a classic piece of art.

The Marquise-Cut diamond features an elongated shape, creating a visually striking effect on the finger.

The Emerald Cut offers a sense of timeless sophistication, emphasizing clarity and elegance.

Finding the Right Ring

Select a diamond shape that matches your style, finger shape, lifestyle, budget, and any meaningful symbolism. Pick a ring style, from timeless to vintage, and the perfect metal, be it platinum or rose gold, to complete your dream engagement ring.


Ring Research Checklist

  • Be Informed: Research diamonds, gemstones, and styles for informed inquiries.

  • Budget Clarity: Set a defined budget range and communicate it clearly.

  • Style Expression: State your ring, metal, and design preferences explicitly.

  • Expert Insights: Seek jeweller advice on diamond quality and gemstones.

Find The Right Retailer

Engagement ring shopping offers two paths: online and in-store. Online options offer convenience, variety, competitive prices, and customisability. Brick-and-mortar stores provide hands-on experiences, expert guidance, and valuable services. 

Did You Know?

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Exploring Custom Rings

A World of Possibilities

A custom ring creates a truly unique masterpiece. Choices include the setting, metal, stones, and engraving. A skilled jeweller can bring your vision to life.

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Top 4 Ring Buying Tips

  • Research Matters: Know your metals, gemstones, and settings for an informed choice.

  • Budget Smartly: Plan to avoid overspending and find budget-friendly options.

  • Reliable Retailers: Trust reputable jewellers for quality and authenticity.

  • Time-Saving Prep: Be prepared to shop efficiently and reduce stress in your search.

Discover Your Dream Engagement Ring

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