Proposing Without a Ring?

Here are 10 Other Options!

No Ring? 
No Problem!

Your engagement is more than just gifting a ring. It’s all about creating a magical experience you’ll remember forever. It should be unique to your relationship and draw on the memories and moments you’ve shared throughout the years, plus excitement for the ones to come. Here are 10 ways to propose without the need for an expensive ring.


1. Use a Different Piece of Jewellery

Elevate your proposal by thinking beyond the traditional engagement ring. Consider a meaningful pendant or another jewellery piece that reflects your partner's style and holds sentimental value. Opt for something linked to your favourite shared experiences or a symbol that resonates with both of you.

2. Propose With a Pet

Celebrate your journey to becoming a family by adopting a pet as a unique proposal idea. Involve your furry friend by attaching a love letter to its collar or having it wear a special sign for the proposal. Remember, while it adds joy, owning a pet is a significant commitment, so ensure your partner is ready for this adventure.


3. Use a Placeholder Ring

Add a unique twist to your proposal by using a non-traditional ring, like one with a heart or knotted design. For a playful touch, consider a brightly coloured jewellery ring that complements their fun style. After the proposal, they can continue wearing it on their right hand as a cherished keepsake.

4. Serve Up Your Proposal

Elevate your proposal with a romantic dinner, either homemade or professionally catered. Add a sweet touch by writing "Will You Marry Me?" in frosting on a cake or discreetly placed on a plate. If you opt for a high-end restaurant, coordinate with the manager and staff for a seamless and memorable experience.


5. Put Your Talent to Work

If you’re artistic, put your talent to good use when you’re proposing. Create your own card with a heartfelt message about why you want to marry your significant other. You might even create a handmade bracelet as an alternative to a traditional diamond ring.

6. Use a Piece of Your History

Capture the essence of your journey together by framing a significant memento, like a ticket stub from your first date or a souvenir from your initial trip. Present it elegantly with a proposal, crafting a keepsake your partner will forever treasure as a testament to your unique and cherished history.


7. Book a Holiday

Elevate your proposal with the gift of travel. Surprise your future spouse with tickets to a dream holiday destination, creating unforgettable memories for the journey ahead. This unique approach not only adds excitement to your engagement but also allows you to redirect funds towards experiences rather than a traditional diamond ring.

8. Breakfast in Bed

Delight your partner with a cozy and personalised breakfast in bed. Decorate a plate or mug with porcelain paint, spelling out a heartfelt "Marry Me." Combine this thoughtful gesture with their favourite flowers and foods for a sweet and intimate proposal at the start of the day.


9. Write Your Proposal in Candles or Petals

Cheesy? Yes. Effective? Definitely! Run a hot bath  complete with rose petals and a nicely scented bath bomb in the water and some lit candles safely to the side. Use the remaining petals or candles to write your proposal outside the bathroom door or in the bedroom.

10. Plan a Treasure Hunt

Ignite the excitement with a morning treasure hunt for your beloved. Place a clue beside their breakfast plate or coffee cup, leading them on a delightful journey. Tailor the difficulty to their taste, whether it's a simple path or a puzzle-filled adventure. Conclude the quest with a small wooden box containing a heartfelt proposal note for an unforgettable moment.

Once You Settle on a Ring, Keep It Protected

When you do decide on an engagement ring, don’t forget comprehensive insurance cover!


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